Located at 7 sussex Lane, Shirt Lane is an odd fusion shop, half shirt shop, half cafe during the day, half bar at night. The concept I think works because its located under the huge WESTPAC tower, so they’ll get a stream of trade from the suits who want to buy a high quality shirt but the bar part is a head scratcher. Its novel though. The venue¬† is fairly brightly lit compared to most other smaller bars. The fitout effectively divides the store into two. One side a bar, the other, the shop


the see through shelving keeps the space feeling big, and the permeability encourages people to walk from one area to the other

Shirt Bar does the standard drinks, you can get peroni + G+T’s etc. We ordered the Coffee martini this time. The bartista pulls a shot (from the coffee machine – as they also have it for lunches), the mixologist, does his thing and creates this rather potent real deal coffee drink. It was quite strong, both of coffee, and was suitably boozy. Not bad. I ended up drinking both as companion didn’t want to be up past bedtime; we were there around 11pm.


In the day, Shirt bar is a cafe. Coffee and Light Bites

Now that more and more venues with highly specialised themes + solid atmosphere have popped up all over. Shirt Bar is an interesting one. Maybe you’ll have enough drinks and feel like you need to buy a new tailored shirt. :)
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