Shayan Quarter is located on the 1st floor of Sydney’s Shangrila – What’s currently there is their CafeMix but that will transition into a full fledged Chinese Restaurant and its a good one at that with their fine dining head chef Bo Sorensen from Altitude coming down and helming the kitchen here. Its a bevvy of Asian food and it is delicious and priced extremely well. Another big big tick is their desserts; even from this menu they come from their in house dessert master Anna Polyviou. We roadtest their menu as Guests of Shangri la.

Shayan Quarter Shangrila The Rocks (4)

Hot, sweet, sour and green papaya salad $11

Affordably priced (this is a sentiment you’ll find echoed with just about every menu item) – the salad comes in a “street food” styled plastic bag that urges you to Shake it up. What you’ll get once its outta the bag is a fresh, crispy thai styled salad with prawns and tangy flavours. It really is quite good.

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The Gourmet Goat Lady – Slow roasted milk fed goat $20

Served up Taco style. These were more tex-mex/pan asian fusion but deliciously so. Inside eat Taco is pulled Goat – and there’s fresh avocado and radish in it.

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Shayan Quarter Shangrila The Rocks (10)

‘SHAKE IT’ Numbing chicken wings szechuan salt $21 – There’s 2 pictured here but the whole bag had a few of these (8?). The chicken comes with a side of Numbing chilli; like the thai salad, you shake yourself to coat with the numbing schezuan chilli salt. If you like it hot, you can dump the whole bag in there. We like the interactive shake it up aspect to this. Interactive and you do get to manage the spice level.

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Ponzu king fish with a seaweed salad and roasted sesame $15 a light japanese styled ceviche dish.

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Shayan Quarter Shangrila The Rocks (7)

Sticky chilli caramel pork belly baogers with sriracha mayo $14 Baos dishes are finally taking off in Sydney and we gotta say, Bo’s version of these were delicious. Deep fried so that they were crispy – the bao is filled with a generous slab of pork belly and there’s a nice sticky sweet caramal sauce and that sriracha mayo. A definitely highlight on their menu.

Shayan Quarter Shangrila The Rocks (15)

Shayan Quarter Shangrila The Rocks (14)

Top: Beef Rump with Stay Sauce and Roasted Peanuts Beef Rump 2 for $9 4 for $17 Pork Neck Skewers brushed with Char sui skewers 2 for $8 4 for $15

The one observation we’ll make here is that these aren’t them peasly tiny skewers you get at some places – they were fat succulent hunks of Robota/Charcoal grilled meats on a stick and fantastic eating meatlovers delight. Another menu highlight and one we’d quite happily order again. Super affordable and tasty.

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Black pepper beef short rib and crispy rice $25. Picture doesn’t quite convey how large this dish its. From the Wok it part of their menu, and this was a large pot of black pepper sauced beef short ribs sitting on top of a mound of crispy rice (you’d be scrapping the savoury crunchy bits to get at them). Its gorgeous with ample baby corn and snow pea in there and a nest of saffron on top.

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Shang fried rice – char siu, prawns and egg $17. 

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Wagyu beef cheek Rendang $25

We had their Rendang (light, savoury, tangy) – the Rendang and Rice Combo would have made for a really nice eat for 2.

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Creme caramel with poached spiced mandarins and crispy rice noodles $15

The quiveringly soft creme caramel; paired well with the spiced mandarins (poached?) – the whole clusters had coconut cream and sago in them. Very nice.

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Bitter chocolate with banana, salted peanut and black sesame seed ice cream $15

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Fried coconut Mag-Anna ice cream with shredded young coconut and palm sugar sauce $12

The trio of desserts were all tremendously good. Its hard to pick a favourite but the bitter chocolate dessert option was pretty sophisticated and adult in its flavour profile. Gorgeously presented and a steal for the price. A definite would. Similarly, the ice-cream dessert is a delight. Their Palm sugar sauce is darkly rich and caramelised and a nice foil to the light coconut ice cream that oozed high quality dessert appeal.

There’s a generosity of serve and abundance of value in the food at Shayan. Shangri-la was mindful of their pricing and endeavoured to keep Shayan’s prices competitive and they are more than for the quality of the food that we had here. There’s plenty to like here – the baogers were great, the skewers delicious and Anna’s desserts epic. Easily a new favourite. If you’re wanting a great Asian styled eat – check out Shangrila’s Shayan Quarter. Most people wouldn’t think to dine at a Hotel Restaurant as they’d think it’d be too price prohibitive, you won’t find that here.

Shayan Quarter

176 Cumberland St The Rocks, NSW 2000
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