Most of the body text is from the original writeup (dated Mar 05, 2013) with edit regarding Senyai’s price drop below.

Located down the escalator at Regent Place is Senyai Thai. Its got a decent “look to it” with the fitout designed to replicate a thai village of sorts. Regent Place is now a bit of a foodie hub (chanoma/KFC (I kid), miss chu, assembly, tenkomori, the skewer place, and this) – quite often I’ll head up to TenkoMori and I’ll sit upstairs and look down and I can’t see people entering this place. I wonder why.


Village aesthetics. Dark timber furniture.


Quite appealing looking for the most parts. Sauce caddies and choptick holders on the table.


This area was being set up back then. Thai posters. Aged to look suitably worn and the corrugated panelling again designed to replicate the village feel


A look inside


Lunch Menu. Pork Belly with Rice. Served on a tin plate. $15 or $16. Rice was okay. But the meat + veg is very average cafeteria meal. Its like a home cooked stir fry you threw together. Underwhelmed.


L. My mate who is from Laos. ordered this pork belly dish and thought it was bad. Sentiment was that it was very average. I tried it and yeah, it was like blah. $15 or 16.


Ordered this dessert. Warm glutinous rice with coconut milk. Some sort of yellow egg custard. It was too sweet, and didn’t like it much. edit: This seems to have fallen off their menu now.

Senyai’s price point is a bit high – consider Chat Thai and Home Thai. Both places I’d rather go to. This place sells their chicken rice dish for $18. Its about $10 and $14 at Home and Chat Thai respectively. Why is it so much more expensive? I thought at the time of this writeup that Senyai was overpriced and we were both quite underwhelmed. That was dated: Mar 05, 2013


Price Adjustment/Tweaked Menu (according to Facebook May 17th)

edit: i just dropped by to look at their website as the original post got wiped by my site’s bug. as I wanted to check details since I last wrote it – my memory of this place wasn’t so good. The chicken dish (Kho Mun kai – Steam chicken served with ginger sauce) is no longer $18. Its $12 now. So yes, I think they realised something needed to be adjusted and Senyai’s inflated prices have dropped – I also checked 2 other blogs and prices have indeed dropped. That said, I might be inclined to head back now – a lot more than at the time of my original write up where the review was more or less (too pricy, food’s not good). Its a move in the right direction.

I’m guessing they have had to adjust from the competition upstairs and and from their review average/feedback from diners. My guess is when there’s a sub $10 Ramen place upstairs, Senyai’s inflated price on their food isn’t going to cut it. YMMV here.

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