The new ANZ bank HQ is open at 161 Castlereagh and with it comes a bit of a surprise. The complex houses a rather sizable courtyard/outdoor space; with a melbournesque feel when you’re in it. Not quite sure why that is, maybe its the open space or the various old city facades that open up to the new tower, but this courtyard is rather pleasant despite mostly being in shade every time I’ve been there (price of having that many tall building around it I guess). With the new space, comes a few eateries, and we wandered in over the course of 2 weeks and ate a selection of the asian food on offer at both Sedap and LangSuan. I’ve also been to Pablo + Rusty’s and that reviews coming up.


Both Restaurants are housed underneath this thing. I think its some sort of ventilation stack? Maybe. Regardless, quite fancy. Courtyard has outdoor seating. Incidentally, you can sit with your SEDAP food at Langsuan’s outdoor seating and vice versa. Just a heads up… if you were looking for seats.


SEDAP Malaysian Kopitiam (good eating malaysian coffee house)


Busy lunch time crowd. The Sedap side has less seating than I’d like. Busy here today.


A look at the kiosk. They do a pulled a malaysian Teh Tarik. and whatnot too.


Menu at a glance. $12-13 (click for bigger pic)


Bits of side eats you can get, rather reasonable prices.


Nice looking Char Keow Teow with lots of eggs, sprouts, chinese sausage, chilli, and bits of crispy pork fat inside. Its quite a good dish and a decent version of this.

I thought I’d post this here:

this was at another place in the city. Review is on the site somewhere but just look at the difference and abundance of food at Sedap. Not that “More” is a benchmark of good food, but being generally better (not dry, not tasteless, not scant) across the board and being more plentiful at the same price? Yeah. Sedap has a fan here.


Hainese Chicken rice. Nice tender and flavoursome. Sharon who was with me rates it a 8/10. Better than her regular haunt she reckoned.

Visit 2. There was no where to sit (Sedap needs more seating) – they said you can sit anywhere, but LangSuan was also full so we sat at the benches in the courtyard. It was a bit annoying I got to say to try to eat something like this on a bench.

Mee Hoon Goreng Kampong. Nice serve, good flavours and quite a nice eat and there was a bit of food here too. It really was quite nice. $12


Mee Goreng. Both these 2 noodle dishes were also rather good. Most of the thing we ate at Sedap, we really quite enjoyed.

Lang Suan (courtyard garden) Thai


Lang Suan is housed under that big wooden canopy/building you see in the top pic. It’s got a thai village look with barrel chairs and timber furniture inside. There is ample seating at LangSuan, with lots of seating inside and out. But as noted, you can bring Sedap’s food here but it does feel odd if you do.


A look at the menu. Most items $12. I should try their “to share” plates.  Not quite sure where the spring rolls I ate came from looking at that menu now.. I don’t see it.


Orders up. Its cooked to order so expect piping fresh eats.


Their pork belly dish (DAY 1). Braised pork, a bit of wilted greens, pickled cabbage (?) and half an egg. Ooooodles of fat in this serve.


Same Dish (Second Visit). It should be noted that the first visit, they served me that pork dish and it was quite fatty and if you’re not happy to eat fat, you’d not be too impressed. There was a lot of it as you can see but it was braised and tender and flavoursome. I obviously much prefer the 2nd serve. However, that said, its quite a nice dish. Good flavours and easy eating, the egg, pickle, chilli, pork comboed quite nicely with the rice. Not bad.


My favourite here. Loads of seafood on a mound of crispy fried noodles with a nice sauce underneath. Was quite surprised at how much seafood there was. Very nice. $12


Visit 3: Pad Kee Mao. $12. Third Visit. Wasn’t too happy with the serve but it was good (missing just a bit of noodles). This day when we came, they were running a promo where you gave a $9 card (that you got handed on the street and got a dish+drink for $9). Well, we didn’t get the card so I wonder if the portion size was slight tweaked down for the promo. Felt a bit scant after the meals we’d had here prior. That said, lots to eat in the dish, chilli, prawns, greens – all freshly cooked with good chilli kick. I’d order again.


Mirroring the SEDAP visiting, sharon ordered the thai version of chicken rice and looking at that, lots of rubbery chicken skin which wasn’t good to eat unlike the Hainanese chicken ones at SEDAP. Once she picked off the skin, there wasn’t very much meat. Its very much YMMV when you order this dish but it shouldn’t be no? Again, wondered if the $9 promo affected our serving size. I felt bad for sharon and the chicken was a bit on the cool side.


Spring Rolls – called popia on the menu so I expected something else – a dish that wasn’t deep fried springrolls. This came and I was a bit disappointed as I don’t think they taste like much and they didn’t. I’m not a big fan of dipping something into a condiment so it will taste alright and this… didn’t taste like much with or without the sweet chilli sauce. Its very much a personal preference. I don’t like ordering these unless I’m at yumcha.

Final thoughts:

I welcome both Sedap and Lang Suan to the cbd area and they’re both places that I’d happily patronage again. The food at both eateries is of a good quality and unlike Senyai (which started and overpriced their food (since adjusted down with their new menu), the initial impression is that the food here is reasonably priced and decent. Located close to most places, Sedap and Lang Suan currently probably remains a bit of a hidden secret from most people, although I did expect it to be thronging with people from that tower. easily thousands of people work up there. Add these two venues to your revolving city eats – with a slight edge to SEDAP. (although if the rumours are true, both venues are owned by the same people, it probably doesn’t matter who wins your dollar). The only niggle I have here is Sedap’s seating as Langsuan has an internal seating area + quite abundant outdoor seating. Still, check them both out at 161 Castlereagh.

Sedap will also open at Regent Place soon.
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  1. Amanda@ChewTown

    Definitely feels like a good vibe. And more options for CBD would definitely be welcomed (as a Surry Hills worker I am a bit spoilt for choice). I am glad you tried these places a few times, so good to see the variety of plates sizes and service style.

    • TheJugernaut

      yeah, its a good venue which makes it easy to return to. I quite like it.