I’ve always regarded Chinta Ria quite fondly; mostly because that big old buddha and the chintzy name works for me. So when Sassy Reds opened at the new westfield, of course we had to head in and check it out. Well, the shop is fitted out to look like an old school asian joint with nice tiles and dark wood. So points there. Its not a bad fitout but non of the fitouts at PSM westfields is bad. The stylin is appropriate.

I had gone and had meals there – in particular the laksa.: In fact, mostly the laksa… Unlike most other laksas around;this one is a gooey sauce which is quite scrumptious. Not quite a laksa, not sure what it is, but I like it; and people I’ve brought to Sassy’s all really like it. The sauce is really thick, it goes well with the noodles – the chicken/bit of basil/piece of snow pea +chicken or peas if you have it with the laksa are all really good to eat.
and for months, that’s all I would eat here so I regarded it quite highly.

one day, I decided to mix it up a bit and had this. Its a standard hawker/malaysian dish. Shouldn’t be hard to mess up. But its bad. My reaction to it: are as prescribed. I want the laksa my mate had instead.

It was meagre – there was hardly much on the plate, and for a $12 dish. A complete rip off. They should be ashamed. The noodles were dry like they’d been left out too long (during busy lunch service?!), tasted like cardboard, and pretty much everything you see was bad. There was no flavour. This was like a half serve at best. I ate it and went across to gourmet snags to get something else to fill me up. a $22 lunch. Really embarrassing. And so my love affair with Sassy’s ended there.

I know its just 1 dish but it was pretty darn bad.. it did really change my opinion on the resto just like that. Got quite annoyed.

and the nasi goreng (thing in the wrapper?).. its okay. But also somewhat lacking in flavouring so you’ll have to douse it with soy+chilli sauce.

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Post Review. Simon Goh who owns SR+CR sent me a lengthy earnest email about the meal I had. It was a multipage response and he did CC his staff. I didn’t take up his offer to “print email and get xyz meal to the value of xyz” but I appreciate that he somehow found the time to write me a well considered response about the food. I’ve since been back but not often as I have go-to places I know I can depend on.