I can’t really be sure what excited more, meeting this guy or that guy or eating at Ruby & Rach for this #TwEat up. Let’s just go with all of the above. The occasion was a very reuben lunch at Tony Gibson’s new digs at the stratton up near south end of hyde park. No longer a market stall staple, R+R lands on 1st floor  here but I believe you can also order downstairs.


The table clothes makes this venue seem like its quite a poshy dining space.

ruby_rach_2A look at the menu (middle mouse click or click to expand the pic). of particular note, there’s a half and half which gives you half a sandwich and a half serve of soup. Jewish Penicillin! and the pickled egg is $1 (ahem seiobo). I totally missed it, but the menu says Poutine. Canucks, Go crazy.

ruby_rach_9Menu on the black board on the side walls. Tongue sanger?ruby_rach_11This is a highlight I missed but the cordial is made with rainwater. oooO?ruby_rach_6The Wagyu Reuben with side of potato salad. Russian Dressing, Swiss Cheese, Wagyu Corned Beef, Sauerkraut on light Rye. delicious.ruby_rach_5

1/2 serve of the classic. The potato salad again, comes with. Different from the Reuben and similarly yummy.ruby_rach_10

Jewish Penicillin. 1/2 serve here. The matzo ball is delicious as was the soup. Happily eat a big bowl of this.


I ordered this but would have gone for the poutine had I noticed it on the menu prior. Hot chips.. :)ruby_rach_4Breakfast options. House smoked Lox you guys. The S.E.O moniker made us chuckle.ruby_rach_1

Rain water in this cordial. Fancy? I thought it was and would love to try this.

Both sandwiches we ate today were delicious and quite enjoyable. I also really dug the chicken soup and the matzo ball that came with the soup. If you fancy the various items listed on the menu, R+R won’t disappoint serving up delicious sandwiches. Price guide btw $12 to $16. It should be noted that it is table service and the waitress was attentive and dropped by to top up our drinks. Visit at 249 Castlereagh.

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  1. Sammie

    You know a place is good when it has challah, pastrami and chicken soup on the menu! The big question is will their chicken soup be as good as grandma’s? I’ll let you know…