Its like a temple in here. You’ll be in awe. The lofty space, the dark marble and opulence. Its wow. Intimate lighting, professional professional service.

So we got invited to a dining+tech showcase by Sony. Hosted by a rather switched on commmunity manager Jamie, it was a great evening of future tech (and no, PS4 wasn’t here) and fine dining. And yes, it was superlative and rockpool bar+grill is quite an amazing place to come have a drink and eat.


The waiting/bar area to the side.


All food photographs taken with the Sony Full Frame RX1. Haven’t used it before so I just ran with it as something cool to do while checking out their nifty new tech. I popped my memory card in and it truly is an amazing camera.



Tuna Tartare, moroccan eggplant and cumin mayonaisse.
Super delicious, complex flavours and the eggplant base went amazingly with the fish. You’d be happy just with this dish.



Here it is on the plate. just a delightful starter.


Fried Calamari with Romesco. Expected to see asian styled calamari so was suprised when this showed. The Romesco is blended in with slivers of chilli and other aromats.


Roasted Market Fish in Crazy Water and Aioli. Perfectly cooked fish, the crazy water was full of flavour and together, this was an outstanding main.


Wood fire Grilled Steak with Modern Bernaise. Perfect medium Rare. Mash is also fantastic

Creme Caramel

Smooth, rich, flavourful. very good


Chocolate  Caramel Macadamia, milk and dark shortbreads. I originally ordered this but changed my mind when I read shortbread but then this showed up for my companion and I felt a twinge of envy. Rich and luxuriant.


Catherine’s Passionfruit Pavlova. This was what I went for instead and it is pretty spot on. The passionfruit cream sat on the meringue and it was also fairly sizeable. Not overtly sugary/tart, light, tasty and incredible to eat.

This was a complimentary meal but the focus wasn’t the food but the tech at the event. A community orientated event in which users got a glimpse into the future of Sony Products (I was sold on their new pro Haswell laptop – it really was amazing. ordering one). I used to shoot with a SONY RX100 before I misplaced it in a cab so it was great to get my hand on the full frame RX1 (super desirable from a tech point of view, with a pricetag to match – does great macros – considering I’ve never used the camera before). The food at Rockpool bar and grill was outstanding, finessed and the venue is a temple to great taste. I googled the prices and I really don’t actually think its that pricey either – considering the tabs that I’ve had at other places and the meal. Its a special occasion feed but you’ll be loving it.

Thanks Sony!

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