Red Lily Darlinghurst might be our new favourite late night cheap drinks sorta smallbar – we’ll need to check back in more but we were wandering up to the Lord Roberts Pub for drinks when we chanced upon their signage that said $10 cocktails after 9pm. A glance at the phone: 8.54pm – after a beer at the pub – we’ll be popping back in. To get to Red Lily, you’ll have to walk through Red Lantern on Riley. We haven’t eaten here but the restaurant might be one of the most appealingly fragrant venues we’ve been in. It smells like food you want to eat; we’re already penciling this in the diary.

Red Lily - Red Lantern Riley Street (3)
Round the back, its a smallish small bar – sits possibly 20-30 ish and the light levels and look is appealingly contemporary eastern with mirrors and old school side tables. The back of the bar also opens up to the laneway there – you can pop out that way and its glazed so you can see out.

Red Lily - Red Lantern Riley Street (7)
Good morning Vietnam cocktail! Black cherry marmalade, Aylesbury vodka, wild tea vodka w tarragon shaken up.  One of the things about the RL cocktails is the floral asian flavours in them. The Wild Tea Vodka in this had that traditional black tea note and comboed with the tarragon, this was pretty nice.

Red Lily - Red Lantern Riley Street (8)
Pham Fatale – House infused Kaffir Lime Leaf Vodka, lychee and ginger liquers and coconut water. (R) Ho chi Minh Sling – abundant lychees, lemon, cucumber and mint muddled in a jug with dry gin, lychee liquer and jasmine tea. Both tasty

Red Lily - Red Lantern Riley Street (6)
Espresso Martini Affogato (and yes there is ice cream in this) – this is from their dessert cocktail page.

Red Lily - Red Lantern Riley Street (4)
Red Lily was a great value late night drink spot – we do wonder how many of these eastern iterations of standard drinks one can really get into but our wallets and moods were greatly lifted by the $10 price point. These creations were pretty solid affairs. There’s a negroni Royale on the menu that we didn’t end up getting. Non of the cocktails were overtly sugary which was nice also. There’s a nice buzziness in here, the people who sat next to us raved about the beef thing they ate (our guess the satay) and then they had some good looking dessert – some sort of icecream platter with pandan waffles. This is looking like a good time.  We’ll be back.

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