We really dig what the Real Food pop up did when they showed up at Oxford street about 2 years ago. At the time, we purchased some really love maya sunny real honey (with honeycomb) and Katie Swift Cordials. Both Amazing. The Real Food Xmas Markets was a success with attendance of about 4500 people. We dropped in at about 6pm and checked out the Real Food Xmas Market. It was such a hit that a lot of the food stalls had sold out – you can expect this event to be back in 2014).


Lovely to see the space here used for the markets. Its a big enough venue for a lot of stalls to be housed.


Aussie cook books and more gifty packs.


Hands Lane is here with their quality preserves.


Kettle Town who were at Finderskeepers (I bought some chai) is also here. That’s Chet Garcia from Workshop there.


Spice Vine marinades came in rather nice packaging and tasted lovely.


Markets was packed and it was a nice fete like atmosphere tonight.


Loved the bar round the back. Dishing out Willie Smith Ciders, Young Henrys and also newly launched Four Pillars Gin.


realfood_10Tasmanian Willie Smith Cider. We had them while we visited Hobart in September 2013.


Willie Smith Cider is really nice.


Huon Valley, Tasmania.


Sarazine Crepes. Very cute. But, yeah, this was a promised 20 minute wait that became a 40+ minute wait and a bit of a disaster in all honesty. They were so behind and kept taking order and the crowd just ended up waiting ages for food. When the market was close to closing, people were still waiting.


(one ham, one chicken) Sarazine Crepes were not worth the wait. We ordered A and got B because by the end of 40 minutes, they had sold out of their premium crepe and I was expected to take something else. Expect it was cheaper (had ordered their Camembert one) and I had to push for my money back. This on top of the waiting and then getting a bit of a bait and switch. The dessert crepe (not pictured) came first and somehow the banana and nutella one got to us cold and it just wasn’t good. My companion said we could walk to Westfields Lvl5, eat a crepe and come back in the time.


Butler and Bentley Artisanal Grocers had very nice product.


#jugfav. Nuff said.


#jugfav2 Love us some Pepe Saya butter. This stuff is gold.


Huge success for some sellers. Sold out! Actually a lot of stalls sold out. Xmas Frenzy


Packed full of people out shopping for Real Food.


Toby’s Estate is here.


Coffee from Toby’s Estate.

In Inaugural Real Food projects Markets is a smashing hit. Sydney always had a perchance for embracing food (head to any food event and witness the crowds) and this is no different. Loved our time at the markets and had a great time walking around and checking out all the stalls here. Lovely product and good eats to be had. There’s a lot to like here with great looking and tasting product. Its a 1 dayer but keep your eyes peeled for the next one. It could possibly even stretcher into a weekend event which will avail more people to visit.





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