Ramen Ikkyu is now open. Located on LVL 3 in the Sussex Street Foodcourt (look for white columns), in a modest sized shopping mall. Once the escalator brings you up, look for the end windows because Ikkyu is housed at the other end of the foodhall adjacent to the windows. Sussex Street Foodcourt has the extra benefit of not being quite as feral as the one that houses Gumshara. You can leave your westfield foodcourts and venture here safely. Its a simple shop and the way they set it up, they don’t need to much staff out front.

Getting up to the shop, you see 2 ipads and a big screen displaying the menu. Its a big LCD tv and the menu is easy to read and the simplicity of the ordering system is great. Compared to the other stalls that offer probably close to 50+ dishes here, the simplicity of the menu is kind of bold. Do a few things and do them well.


Most things $10.50. I had the Chili Oil Ramen. Its top notch. You can order sides to go with. Just noticed the pork rbs. Its their most expensive item on the menu. I gotta try this.


$10.50? Bargain.



Ramen Bowls Assemble from left (clockwise) Tokyo Ramen, Ikkyo shoyu Ramen and my chili oil one.


Tokyo Ramen. Its a beautiful bowl of food. The eggs are just …


Ikkyo shoyu Ramen $10.50


Chili Oil Ramen. $11.50


Side of Bamboo shoot (tender, flavorful and doesn’t have the smell that thai ones outta the can/in most thai places have). The Black Fungus is soft, sweet, savoury all in a bit. its all excellent. All bowls cleaned out, pork was soft and flavourful, eggs were firm but the center was still soft. Combined? A+.

Ramen Ikkyu is super affordable, top notch grub at a price point that makes it worth heading out for. I gotta say, after my meal here – TenkoMori might be nearer but I’ll probably walk up here and eat Ramen instead. Worth the hike for. It’s that good. Ippudo fans should come and try this.  I prefered the ramen here. One thing to note is that while this might be a launch supply issue – or quite possibly because they only want to do 150 bowls (?) a day, they tend to run out of food by dinner time. Almost universally loved and my 2 fellow diners enjoyed their meal.

“Watashi wa ai”. I love.

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14 Responses

  1. Vivian - vxdollface

    oooooh yummay! got ramen envy right now! can’t wait to try, didn’t get the chance to go when he was serving it at blancharu

  2. milkteaxx

    wahhh everyone istalking about this place! ill never get there in time before it sells out!

  3. Ramen Raff

    Glad you finally tried it! As awesome as their ramen is, they have to compete with other ramen prices in the vicinity. Hence why they’ve priced most of their ramens at $10.50. I definitely prefer this over Ippudo (over priced place that serves ok ramen).

  4. Miss Piggy

    I want to go here on the weekend but don’t know what to order. All the different types of ramen, shio, shoyu etc etc confused the daylights out of me.

  5. TheJugernaut

    @ misspiggy – theres really not that many types compared to say somewhere like tenko mori – there’s only 3 soup bases? shoyu/miso and the sale one. Just go with any. I read that the shoyu is preffered. :)

  6. milkteaxx

    ive read a gazillion posts on this place this week and its killing me that i cant make it here early enough! am tempted to sneak out during lunch to have it tho!

  7. Annie @ The Random Foodie

    with this shop, it looks like Sussex St food court’s popularity will boost like madness. I’d prob sound like a noob here but i wonder what’s the difference between a Tokyo ramen and an Ikkyu ramen?

    @Milkteaxx – me tooooooo!!! it has only been around for like a week or less and it feels like nearly everyone has tried it lmao

  8. thesuzchef

    Ikkyu got my vote. I prefer it over Ippudo and even Gumshara, because I find the broth at Gumshara a bit too thick and creamy for my liking. What sold Ikkyu to me though was the noodles – loved the bite in it. And a big YES to a clean food court in Chinatown!

  9. anth

    the chilli oil ramen is actually 11.50 m8…………

  10. TheJugernaut

    Well spotted. I do have a big ole menu posted in my writeup. Thanks for reading. :)