Ramblin Rascal Tavern is now open in the old comedy club locale. Its a rather large bar with ample seating, plenty of booths and dark panelled oaks. Its also really in far down the basement and we couldn’t really use our mobiles for data. And they’ve done good word of mouth because it was packed when we dropped in. Location? Look for the three smiling skulls (per the menu) above and the bouncer and you’re good. Opposite the park on elizabeth street and super near the starbucks.


Its dark oaks and walnut leather and yup, they rolled out the red carpet.


$6 shit time, and beards de rigueur. Also shirtlessness.


looking cross the room, its packed – booths and table seating in the middle (10-11 booths that easily sits 6-8)


We’re getting our cocktails on. Its a barguy recommend drink today.

Today’s shit time was a $6 XXXX QLD beer… which got a laugh out of my mate who ended up with it. While we sat and drank a group of 5 came in near us and had these as well which made us chuckle.

Still … yeah, so our cocktail which we ordered twice is a very nice Pegu Club with gin, cointreau, lime juice and bitters. Very easy drinking and balanced.


Ramblin Rascal is the city’s latest bar, cocktail pricing’s standard and we love that there’s ample seats and booths. Atmosphere was also pretty good with a lively happening vibe in there. 60 Park Street Sydney.