Located right down the middle of Norton Street is Ragamuffin. They sell what they’re calling steam baked muffin and this is a long overdue visit; the last time we were in the area – they just shut their doors for the day. Its a funny one this – on the street side despite being a long running store; Ragamuffin looks distinctively temporary and yet it has managed to sustained itself where lots of shops along this stretch of road has closed.

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Inside, Its a tight cafe that sits about 10 and dishes up ragamuffins and also little marionette, blind man coffees. There’s also tea craft teas. The shop has an appealing boho aesthetic and looks quite good.

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Ragamuffin “Steamed like a dumpling, Baked like a Pie”.

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There was quite the range of ragamuffins available today. We ended up with the S’more and the Choc-banana Peanutbutter. These muffins are steamed baked and have a different consistency to conventional muffins being a bit more densely packed and not as crumbly which we liked.

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S’more and the Choc-banana Peanutbutter were both quite nice with a hidden lashing of the gooey centers here – smore’s one had marshmellow creme while the choc-banana one had bits of chocolate and also peanut butter per their names. You’ll note that there is quite the range of muffins here so if this catches your fancy, be sure to check out Ragamuffin.

The Rizzeria.

The main reason why we checked into Leichhardt was to check out the Rizzera’s shop at 143 Norton Street. Its open now and there’s classes/life drawing, kids ceramics classes as well as a bit of a shop here for Rizzo prints and teatowels. To find learn more about the Rizzeria, check out their webpage The Rizzeria

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    Now that I’m having coffee, all I need is one or two of these muffins and I’m good to go, LOL! Thanks for sharing the great find!

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