Rabbit Hole Bar and Dining on Elizabeth Street is one of the more interesting city bars – its one of a handful that does molecular cocktails, French cuisine with a twist and bent to their menu. Its fancier than you think and much more interesting than you’d expect. They’re also home to an award winning burger and some stellar hot chips.

Poached Oysters, yuzu jelly, apple foam and liquid nitrogen kiwi pearls. A different take from lemon and vinegarette, fun and tasty with plump oysters hidden away.

Remy Martin VSOP, pomme verta, elderflower, strawberry and apples.

This is is cocktail. A grilled lime topped with yellow Chartreuse, blanco tequila, agave and japapeno. The spirits have been molecularly spherified and this is a fun one to have. You pop the lime in your mouth and bite down, taking it all in.

Scampi, Tomato Couscous. Great dish that tasted fantastic – and the crunchy prawn leg bits you ate like a cracker.

Doug Laming of Rabbit Hole comes out with a big container of liquid nitrogen and he’s going to be making Mojito air.

The Mojito Air is frozen and eaten like a gelato – fun thing to do? Blow into the martini glass and watch it billow over.


Glazed Pork Belly, butter bean puree, pickled carrot and passionfruit. Nice looking dish with pretty interesting flavours here, puree was nice as well.

The white Negroni was a challenging one. Its pure looking but packs a wallop being all spirits. Ice sphere has lillies in it. One for the Negroni fan.

Spherical gnocchi of Mascarpone, savarin (tasted like pillows of mild blue cheese. Soup was black mushroom and a cardamon consomme and quite fantastic.

Candied Apple Toffee – pulled and blown sugar made to look like an apple – it sits on a bed of diced apples, almonds and nougat – there’s also cinnamon foam inside. A fun eat and interactive.

Rabbit Hole’s molecular cocktails are nothing to scoff at. They’re interesting and on the edge of sciencey cool. We’ve been here a couple of times now – food’s always interesting (heard the blue cheese macarons are off the menu – they were fantastic) and the cocktails are unlike most that you’ll have with the molecular bent. Try the grilled lime, and the jellied Hendricks G+T, its the jugernauts guide to your molecular night at the bar.



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