Rabbit hole bar turned one and we were invited to the soirée. This is a 2 parter, first is their 1st anniversary/Birthday Celebrations and the 2nd a visit made last year for some fine molecular cocktail over pre dinner tipple.

Rabbit hole is located near the Martin place side of the city – it’s in unassuming part of town and you’ll have to know where it sits to find it.


It’s basement bar, down the stairs into the rabbit hole.


Here’s a bunch of the bday cocktails – a sweet blueberry drink and a foamy marshmallow head to the other


The Breakfast Bouquet. very sweet cocktail


Smokey Apple. We had this before – it’s a lot more lovingly presented when they’re not catering for the masses/the event. You will see what you get below.


powdered rum and fruit powder. Mmmm.


You’ve gone Nuts – Tequila based cocktails with candied tonga beans round the rim


flaming chocolate skulls. Flames bring out all the cameras and mobile phones.


scallops, beetroot on housemade shortbread. Very nice

This was a great event. Lots of fun to be had, and we met a few of regular sydney scenesters and tasted some other drinks. Happy 1st Rabbit Hole Bar. We’ll be back for your award winning burger sometime.

II. barhopping into Rabbit Hole

Our first visit was a catchup with friends pre dinner and we had 8 drinks (2 each) and a cheeseplate. And of course the Hendricks jelly shots.


Drinks menu – note how drinks are broken into alcohol type categories – kind of nice. Click to expand. Also available online in full at their website (link below)


jellied G+Ts. $11 a pop. Hendricks Gin, fizzy stuff on top. cut like glaciers. Fun in your mouth


Here’s the Rabbit Hole cheese plate. Some nice knife work on the apple but it did take 20 minutes to get to us.


Aerated Caprioska – A  lime, lemongrass and coconut caprioska served with a mint . Note how foamy it is.


The Different Collins – Gin based and their taken on a Tom Collins


Smoked Apple – scotch, cider, smoked salt. Interesting and smokey cocktail with a finely sliced apple.


Persephone’s Pain and Pleasure – one of the more interesting drink that came out making everyone else go oooo I want this. Bit of Persian fairy floss, and a 2 parter drink with one being very tart and rhubarby (you’re meant to temper the tartness with the fairy floss) adding it til you like the sweetness. Quite liked it without. #jugfav. The little jellied pearls in the middle glass like caviar.


The Different Collins


Geisha =  Rose water rinsed brandy balloon. Hendricks is muddled with strawberries, cucumber, simple syrup


XO Zombie.Mt Gay XO, Cointreau and Joseph Cartron

Missing is the Stolen painkiller drink that we ordered. It was the most exciting one, that in the midst of it arriving, we all kind of went “woah” and forgot to photograph it. So it remains a mystery but it was the most intersting one tonight. If you’re here order that. Its the best one tonight.

Rabbit Hole is very much a destination cocktail bar. Its located in the CBD, its sort of hidden and not many places does what Rabbit Hole does which is a whole bunch of molecular twisted drinks and then some. Check out their website and menu – its all very novel and special. We mentioned their award winning burger and yes, Rabbit Hole’s burger is CNN’s top 10. Head into Doug Laming’s bar hotspot at 82-88 Elizabeth Street in the city.


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Jugs+Co attended the birthday event as guests of pendulum.

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