Located upstairs round the back of Forresters in Surry Hills is Queenies. It’s open obviously and has been for awhile but in the lead up to dining here, we went looking for info (http://www.forresters.com.au/queenies/) its quite funny that that page is 2012 and still says it opening soon. Facebook’s probably a better bet for hours and what not and that’s here. Queenies is jamaican food and a good time. Cocktails, eats and a killer dessert.


Queenies Cocktails. Saw their cherry pinacola on FB (wasn’t on the menu) and had to order it. Michael had their rummy slammer. Both really nice


Jamaican picakapeppas. conditments for the eats. Jerk Sauce you guys. Don’t normally eat condiments but its there.


cucumber with some spice. Free with the meal.


Queenies front bar area looks like a backpackers checkin to me. Its the flags. We got there around 7ish and it wasn’t too busy. Possibly be livelier if packed at night.


stuff on the walls, to make this venue seem more festive (plastic flowers you guys)


some sort of tiger and a bit of a feature wall. Queenies has a bit of a lodge like look to it. Chintzy but fun.


Bammies. Prawn and mango and a pulled pork one on the right. Prawn was better as the flavour were really nice. Pulled pork, aspirations aside, a bit less interesting (in comparison to the other one) to eat. Mango really helped the prawn bammie. With both, the bammie base is interesting having the texture of a dense somewhat chewy flatbread (google describes it thus “traditional Jamaican cassava flatbread”).


Plantain patties with curried mayo. Really nice eating and the winner was the mayo (which had curried notes) which is different enough to lift the dish. Nice.


$28 bucks for the beef ribs. and you get this somewhat smallish plate of food – this is meant to be a main and from their (BIGS) category. There’s a big piece of bone underneath the 8 slices of beef there. Nicely cooked and tender but there just wasn’t enough for a main that price. If this is what you ordered, you’d walk out hungry. Probably just our portion today – that said, we wanted more. As for jamaicany flavours, it tasted like well cooked beef with lots of herbs on it.  We did look over at the girls at the next table and they’d ordered the chicken (which looked great) and we did have serious food envy.


Special Fish curry. There is a lot of peas in it, fish and the rice is under there. Nice big serve that you can share. Not too spicy or nothing. Really pretty to look at and tasted okay if not like most curries you’d be used to – more reminsicent of an african curry. It had pomelo in it and lots of colour from the chopped herbs, pomelo, radish and coconut.


Rum Laced Banoffee is M A G I C. $15 and We would head in and just eat this. Bloody delicious is what it was. Mate was hesitant to order more food, then this came and despite his “full” comment, devoured this 3 serve sized pie with. It was a bit of a feeding frenzy. We still talk about this.

Queenis is not a cheap eat despite the chintzy plastic covering and the low rent jamaican fun vibe (surprisingly, there wasn’t much music when we were dining) Food and drinks for 2 edges into the $80-100 category easily. Our bill was around a hundred. Considering how plentiful the serve is at the Forresters downstairs (and its 10 bucks), Queenies did seem scant in some instance (beef ribs). It was however really quite enjoyable and we would head back in just for that Banoffee and to try the rest of the food. Service was on the money and really quite very friendly.
What queenies really made us want to do is to hit an authentic jamaican place and see how the food compared. No small feat. Hit this. Dessert won us over. Big time.

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