Step Back in Time with the QVB Tea Room.

The Queen Victoria Building is home to an elegant suite of high ceiling-ed, chandelier-clad ballrooms available for exclusive events, or an indulgent afternoon tea experience.

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At a recent event, the venue was transformed to take guests back to the 19th century, when the QVB’s foundation played host to Sydney’s original marketplace. It was in the early 1800s that Governor Macquarie moved Sydney’s central markets to where the QVB stands today. Reminiscent of the original market’s fresh produce, cuts of prosciutto, chunks of cheese and dried fruit filled the charcuterie counter. Meanwhile, florists stayed busy with personalised arrangements of peonies, and piglets Peppa and Percy quickly become popular with Instagrammers. A fortune-teller read tea leaves while piles of oysters quickly accumulated at a seafood market stall.

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A classical, grand piano played while wait staff served mini Yorkshire puddings, minestrone soup and pikelets topped with salmon and crème-fraiche. Endless crystal glasses of French sparkling rose and rum cocktails brought a more contemporary twist to the whole evening. Nevertheless, after the nostalgia of the evening it was a shock walking back out into the busy rush of George Street!

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If you’re after an elegant, old-world dining experience, the iconic QVB Tearoom remains a popular CBD option.

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Choose from a selection of thirty different tea varieties during morning tea, served seven days from 10am-12pm. Afternoon tea (with a cocktail or champagne option) is served from 12pm.

Level 3
The Queen Victoria Building
455 George Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
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Article by Siobhan Rooney