Cross pyrmont bridge from the city and you get to Pyrmont Bridge Hotel. Its a local pub that does cheap solid eat for $8, and throw in a nice beer, you’ll have yourself a rather decent lunch. The thing I really dig about the venue is how casual it is and how good the food is for the price. Also love that you can sit in the sun and watch the world go by out front on the street level. Its nice to look back at the city from here. It gets busy but you’ll be able to net a seat fairly easily.

Sizeable portion in their chicken caesar salad. The egg was also poached well. Quite a good eat.

Love this. For $8 (used to be $7), this is great value. Solid mash, solid piece of steak. They also nail the medium rare.
PBH, love it. Head over if you’re looking for a solid, cheap and good city lunch. The walk across the bridge is also nice. Worth going to. Friendly staff that will accomodate request for aioli/etc too. Dig it, its a favourite.

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