The Push down at the rocks has had a bit of change moving from pub kitchen/tapas into more of a smallbar/cocktail venue with an extended cocktail list (heaps at $16) : and most eats under $20. Considering the location this commands at the undeniably touristy end of The Rocks, it is somewhat surprising prices are this reasonable in this sandstone/heritage reworked smallbar. Its under the Russell Hotel there in the top pic in case you were wondering where it sat.

Push bar is a tiered affair with street side seating and booth seating beyond. Its mirrored, intimate and with the nautical ornaments (hooks/rope/ladder) and looks appealing.

Fairly modern classic venue down at the rocks, its intimately lit and mid sized. You can actually traverse across the venues here via the back corridor.

A look at front bar area.

A polenta dish with onion relish

Crispy Bruschetta bites

Beef sliders and beer tenderloin w avocado and salsa

The Push’s signature Pamalove cocktail – pomegranate liquer, tanqueray gin – passionfruit and lychee is $16.

The pushover cocktail here is muddled raspberries, lime with chambord and vodka. Its very easy drinking and quite delicious

attractive marbled front bar with added globe lighting

We looked over the cocktail menu and was greeted with $16 drinks here. Which as stated is really rather reasonable for the locale. There’s quite an extended list.
Push bar at the Rocks is a good looking venue with good eats, great prices, and nice friendly bar staff. There’s little creatures and white rabbit on tap here. If you can score a seat in one of the booths, you’re all set. Service is excellent with a friendly energetic waitstaff. Its a well reviewed joint and its not really hard to see why.
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