Pu’er on Danks is fusion asian yumcha and the owners for the venue run the kitchen. It is also great terrific front of house and a $10 pot of tea that you get to share and enjoy over 6 topups (shared between 3 today and last all lunch). Its housed under a peculiar modern “A”rchitecture complex in Waterloo (orange awning?) but its quite a good spot for yum cha, chinese teas and eats. You’ll get a nice feed here.

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Inside its modern chinesey with them cutout flower branch on the timber back wall and the stools are hardy chinesestools which are quite comfortable. The kitchen is open and round to the side but you won’t notice it for the most parts.

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$10 pot of tea and it lasted us the whole meal. Really enjoyed it. They had a huge ranges of Chinese teas and cold infusions. We’d recommend it just for tea. It is quite nice and the waitress took the time to settle us in and talk us through the tea ceremony process. Tea and Desserts, worth it.

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Dumplings to start. Spicy Prawn Dumplings and Siew mai with surprise Scallops (maybe we weren’t reading the menu). All their dumpling dishes come with 3; the gyoza dish has 6. Both are nice and freshly cooked. Scallops had a sear on them so possibly topped the siew mais after they were steamed. Spicy Prawns were also delicious with a visible whole prawn in it.

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Entree style “Hongkong” Mini burgers – If you’ve had Mantous before, that was it. It had a panko bit of pork in it. The Wagyu (grade 9) “Tacos” were Baos in reality. We didn’t even pick up on what we were eating but we picked them off the menu off of their names and when they arrived we were caught on to the play on names and appearance of the eats. Both very nice.

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Braised Pork Belly with Chinese Tea eggs. Came with a cloud of deep fried pork crackling on top which awed in presentation. Very nice dish with 2 quibbles: tea eggs possibly not steeped long enough (the colouring isn’t there) and there just wasn’t enough sauce. We had this with rice and wanted way more sauce so we could finish the rice. That said, tender pork belly and nice aromatic notes. Would order again.

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Last minute pick; was originally the Shantong Chicken but we swapped that for the noodle dish. Impressively large weave of crispy fried noodles. This is a dish we’d come back for. Noodle hid the broth; it gets uncovered once you slide the crispy weave back. Supremely delicious – this month has been a reminder that asian styled soups are yummy (see also: PatrickFrisens Supreme Wonton). You ate the noodles crispy and then you slide it into the soup and it softened a little. Its a good eat with plump prawns and crisp snow peas. We popped our left over rice; not enough sauce on that pork and cleaned up what was left in the rice bowl.

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Desserts. They had a brownie but the idea of eating a brownie after a gorgeous Asian style lunch like this was out of the question so we went with their Coconut Sorbet and their Panacotta. Watermelon came in a jar with smoked (so it had was imbued with a smokiness), the black smear is black sesame and the three ingredients on that plate combined made for a very simple and very desirable dessert. Enjoyed it heaps. Coconut Sorbet came in a half shell, with black rice and a cup of coconut water. We wondered “How do we eat this” but the very brief rumification was cast aside once we went to work. Lemongrass notes in the delicious coconut sorbet, warm not overtly sugary black rice (see: SurryHills eating house) and refreshing cool coconut water. It makes sense in an clever sort of way.  And oh, you can just also make out that by dessert, we’re still drinking that one pot of tea. They’re practically give it away.

Pu’er surprised with a great selection of eats. More sauce on the pork belly dish please! Highly enjoyable meal.



20a Danks St Waterloo, NSW 2017
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