Pub life Kitchen is a smallish 60 seater burger joint located in the Lord Worseley Hotel in Ultimo. There’s a real dedication to the burgers here with some of the best burgers we’ve smashed. Like Mister Gee, they’re nailing it. Its big, its juicy, and its excellent. Pub life is the sort of venue you’d need to scout out as its a little out of the way but the road to blissful burgergasm is down bulwara road in Ultimo. Fancy that.

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Its a double storied affair with the kitchen tucked away right under the upstairs seating area. Its got a homey pub feel and our first visit coincided with their “foie get about it” truffle and foie burger experiments (Wednesdays)
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Burger experiment Wednesday – this time it was a foie+truffle but they didn’t serve these babies til 6pm. We missed out but it was amusing to see the team doing their work for instagram (Check it out here (@jovanananan) and follow for the lowdown on what’s coming to PLK)

Pub life kitchen Ultimo

They reworked their menu for 2015. Its now on a 2 sided board and you flip it to see what else is available.

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Snacks – Hot Sticky Wings $10. Pretty much some of the best wings we’ve had. Very crunchy, came out pipping hot and fresh – slathered with a sweet sticky sauce with some heat. $10 bucks win. Would happily smash a bucket if they had these.

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Funny how we came here on the back of best burgers and ended up ordering a somewhat generi pub steak. Wires got crossed today. It was a decent eat but the burgers are where its at. Steak came with their excellent Bone Marrow Gravy though and we were also provided with a trio of mayos to dunk them chippies in.

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The Bird. Slaw, dorito crumbed chicken fillets, a large mount of fries. Its a fantastic burger. Dorito crust was incredibly crunchy and you’d really hear it in your head as you bite in. Would and Should. Between this and Mary’s CBD’s excellent Chicken burger… KF what? (Pickle Rating – for our buddies at Fatties Burgers Appreciation Society; 4.4/5 pickles)

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The OG burger at Publife is also a large juicy burger. Juicy and desirable. There’s 200 grams of medium rare beef in this, tomato, lettuce and delicious American Cheese. All burgers are 2 handed affairs – this ain’t no crummy slider. Beefy, large and good. (Pickle Rating – FBAS; 4.6/5 pickles)

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The Cheeseburger. Imagine a beefed up and robust cheese burger and that’s what you’re getting here. Like everything else we had here. Their burgers were drippy, glorious and packed a flavour punch. Both the OG+Cheese burgers were lush in your mouth with a pow wow flavour burst from the condiments. There’s large thinly sliced pieces of tangy pickles in this. Burgergasm? Burgergasm. (Pickle Rating – FBAS; 4.3/5 pickles)

Pub Life Kitchen Burgers aren’t what you’d call cheap. They’re $18 and part of the reason for the cost is the fact that they can’t sell drinks in here so there’s no counter balance on the cost here. But then all burgers do come with chips and you can’t quibble with quality. It’s all food and their energy is focused on making some amazing burgers. Ask kindly for the mayos – the bone marrow gravy pictured is outstanding and you’ll be mopping just about everything you eat at Pub Life up. A favourite.


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