Located in the heart of Sydney CBD and near the various locales that make up Sydney’s Vivid destinations, Hilton Sydney is amping up their offerings with pre-vivid destination visits for guests and visitors to the area alike. Close to the QVB where travellers can access a chocolate tour, the Hilton Sydney is also easily walkable¬†to Darling Harbour, The Botanical Gardens, Martin Place and the highlight attractions for Vivid Sydney; Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera House, Customs House and MCA are all feature attractions. With colourful eats and drinks available at all the Food and Beverage operations in the Hilton Sydney. Guests will be entertained. We were hosted guests of Hilton Hotels for this experience.

Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (16)

Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (15)

Elegant Rooms at Hilton Sydney where we stayed the night.

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Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (26)
Across the road from the Hilton is the historical Queen Victoria Building and one of the things you can get up to when you visit is to do a curated chocolate tour of the the building. Here; Koko Black, Haigh Chocolates, Chocolate covered fruits at Parisi and then there’s Sydney’s most famous patisserie Adriano Zumbo with his delightful macarons and treats.

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Chocolate tour done. You can easily retreat back to Hilton’s Caffe Cino in the lobby for their curiously colourful Vivid Creations where latte art is jazzed up with colourful swirls and pops of colour.

Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (19)

Marble Bar has that resplendent old world charm and plush leather settes to sink into.

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Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (25)
A bit of a fun fact: Hilton’s marble bar was relocated from further up George street – deconstructed and re-assembled under the Hilton Sydney. It’s an impressive space and here in Marble Bar guests can experience their Vivid Offerings: Colourful sliders and the their Vivid Spritz. ¬†Marble Bar’s Vivid Sliders ($15 for the 4) comes with a different buns – beetroot, spinach, butter and a charcoal buns. Each with surprise filling that will delight your palette – there’s fresh goats cheese curd in one of them and a Hawaiian inspired one in there too. The vivid spritz is a Hendricks Gin and Prosecco number. Easy drinking and matching well with all 4 sliders.

Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (22)
Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (1)
Up on Level Four where the extravagant Zeta Bar; a slickly finished modern bar sits in Vivid Cocktails. To the one side, their outdoor rooftop terrace where a changing uplight setup has been installed so their leafy tree and outdoor space is all ablaze with changing lights. Here, more cocktails and a view out onto the QVB.

Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (28)

Glassy Pavlova cocktail is fun and fruity.

Hilton Sydney Vivid Sydney (21)
At Luke Mangan’s Glass Brasserie, you can expect a range of tasty colour petit fours. From Red velvet cake pop to truffles and mini tarts, there’s plenty here. Its a premium dinner experience. The cost of Glass’s pre vivid dining experience is $75/head and gets you one of their vivid cocktails, a main and 5 petit fours.

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As always, Vivid Sydney will offer both locals amazing sights as the sails of the Sydney Opera House comes alive with motion graphics. This year’s artwork pays tribute to Australia’s aboriginal past and lineage.

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Close by to Hilton Sydney is the #8bitsandBytes dining precinct. Burgers, Pho, Middle Eastern Street Food and a bar awaits.

To learn more about Hilton Sydney’s Vivid Pre Destination offerings, check out their site here.