The old Fish and Chips by Fish Face spot on Darlinghurst Road is now home to a new face – Playa Frida Kahlo’s face sits on the streetside of this Mexican Cantina. Playa Takeria is an authentic Mexican joint that dishes up food by Mexican Chef Alejandro Urbina (Ex Rojo Rocket and the 5 Star Mexican Deseo Hotel).

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It’s a bunch of festive colours and funtime vibes inside Playa.

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Really great eating guac and chips. We gotta say, they didn’t skimp on the limes in the guacamole. Zesty, limey and good.

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Taco Don Pastor – Famous Tacos with Adobo Marinated Pork with Pineapple. $5 each. Delicious flavoursome Tacos. Loved the tang of the fresh pineapple

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Ceviche Tulum Tostaditas (Fish) and Mujeres Tostaditas (Prawn) on cripsy tortilla shells. Both these were really nice with a good eating ceviche and chunks of prawn on the other. Ask for the spicy sauce if you dare.

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Burrito El Compadre – Grilled Chicken, Puebla Rice, Pinto Beans – $14 for a nice sized burrito that sat in delicate toasted Flour Tortilla. It needs to be noted that their tortillas were delicate and tender and not like the thick floury ones you get at some places. Its a good eating burrito.

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A duo corn dishes. Top is grilled corn with Feta and the bottom is their solo dessert option – a corn pudding amusingly called “I love Mexico” with Strawberry Chile de Arbol Salsa. Me so Corny. $5 and $13.

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A sprinkling of drinks at Playa. There’s Alacran Tequila and Mezcal here and we loved the smokey mezcal flavours in the Paloma and Michelada. Also present Pacifico beer and a Bocanegra Mexican Pilsner.

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Not a spare seat tonight. Playa Takeria is open at 132 Darlinghurst. We quite enjoyed it. Lots to love here.

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  1. bel @ Mums Take Five

    Good Mexican is so worth it!!! Love the look of this cafe. I think the tacos look so good!
    Thanks for contributing this post to The Sunday Brunch Magazine!
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