Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour does Aida and in 2015, the food by Fresh Catering has gone North African and middle eastern to match the tales of Aida the slave girl. Aida plays out at the fantastical backdrop of Sydney’s Harbour and is a rousing opera that takes an army of 700 to execute. Expect world-class opera, Fresh Catering Platinum Club fine dining as the sun sets at Mrs Macquaries Chair.

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Aida is a large show; with over 700 heads making this happen every night that it is on.

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Platinum Club dining is an exclusive premium dining option available at Aida. With 2 options available; you can experience a three-course dinner with matching wines from Tyrrell wines ($220) or a buffet with wine ($110) and all this is a custom built structure that they’ve put up for the show with rather fantastical views. With incredible views; guests at the Platinum Club Dining  will be able to take in these gorgeous sights of the harbour and the city to the one side. It’s an appealing vista and outside of Aida, you won’t be experiencing this.

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The buffet array just there is a smorgasbord of eats with plenty of middle eastern eats and some incredible eating hummus (which also features in the 3 courser – its really good!). There’s also sweet treats here like cheesecake, turkish delights and baklavas.

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Entree is a rather large serve of Caramelised Chickpea Puree with Sumac or Botargo and Grilled Bread. The platter comes with every you see picture and as mentioned is a large portion with a truly delicious hummus dish (we want the recipe). Good eating and one you’d happily plug away at.

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2 Mains are available : One an Organic Chicken and a 12 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder. Both are delicious with the Sumac chicken being delightfully tender sitting on a bed of parsnip creme, golden raisins and a tarator sauce. There are pomegranates in it (a bit of a middle eastern ingredient). Lamb shoulder is flavoursome and comes with maple carrots, pomegranates, pistachio dukkah, quinoa and date puree. There’s also melting cherry tomatoes on the plate and a wonderful main.Fresh Catering Platinum Club Aida (2)

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Post Mains you can opt from a cheese platter or a Caramelised Fig Pavlova. We’re a stickler for the sweet finish and the pav delighted with a melange of lemon mascarpone and halva parfait and an abundance of fresh fruits in the strawberries and figs. The Cheese platter nets you Tarago River Triple Cream Brie, Fiore do Latte Gorgonzola and Maffra Cloth Cheddar – paired with some nice apricots, dates and fresh fig. Its a pleasing match with the Tyrrell wine

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If you’re looking for a pre theatre show; Fresh Catering’s platinum club option is a great way to while the afternoon away with some great wines and food before AIDA starts. To book tickets and find out more; head to https://opera.org.au/whatson/events/aida-sydney