Yup. Pie Tin is artisanal Pie and all about the pies. Sweet + Savouries. This review is based around the 2nd visit.

The first time I came was during a sat ‘wander up King St” and thought I’d pop in to grab a bite; as I’d heard raves from others. Its located on brown street, so if you see Clem’s chickenshop, walk a bit down brown street and you’re at Pie Tin.

“earlierreview” : Went there for lunch. They were super busy and really could have used another cashier. Didn’t really help that the old lady was faffing about with her order; and that took forever and that the group in front of us; all ordered seperately and also; hemmed their way. A long wait. Ordered a steak+kidney+chips (don’t get the chips – pretty generic packet chips; portions was smallish; lukewarm and cost an extra $4; midway through the my meal; inedible) and a latte. Steak pie. It was big; the filling in there was substantial; hunks of steak. 1×1 inch cubes. Crust was somewhat soggy. Didn’t blow my mind flavourwise though. Blackstar’s savoury pastry is way better to eat. Liked that their ketchup was some sort of homemade relish. That said, not sure if I’ll be back. Quite disappointing considering how hyped this place was by others to me.


So yes. After that. I returned.. with 3 ladies in tow. Em, Emma, Laura.

Quite a good fit out. Cool furnishings, big central table; tolix chairs.  I can see why people would be drawn here. It looks great. The refurb of the older warehouse was very tastefully done and the shop looks really appealing. There is seating around the perimeter and a shared central dining table in the middle.

Beer + Sweet Pies section

The rather poorly thought out ordering section/layout. Both times I came to Pie Tin, the way the Kitchen/space is laid out has made for a rather harried/poor service experience. Its great when you’re the only person in the shop – but once there’s a queue, it chugs. The problem being the singular cashier. When I arrived at Pie Tin this visit, i was early and easily ordered a pie. Then the girls arrived, and a queue formed. This was a Saturday Night so the following happened:


a) initially the tables weren’t cleared. I was the only new customer in there at the time. I had to request that the prior customers dishes to be cleared.

b) ordering took quite a while once there was a queue. Which is odd as they have a numbering system whereupon order, they do give you a little pie container with a number on it.

c) because the 2 girls were there running around trying to do xyz and fufill the orders, they didn’t call out my order when it was on the counter and it wasn’t until later; and wondering why the dessert isn’t ready – all they had to do was slice it, plate up and put some ice cream on a plate; I looked over after some time and it just sat there on the counter. They were definitely harried and understandly so.

all these mirrored the first somewhat disorganised feel experienced during the first visit.



Huge pies. generous chucks of ingredients. Beef brisket + beer + shrooms. I slathered it with tomato relish/ketchup and it went away but it was about a 6/10. Without the relish, I don’t think I could have eaten half of the pie.  A glance at a few of the diner reviews re: the savoury pies all echo the lack of flavouring comment. Again, commendations for having genuine filling – This was the brisket and you could see the strands of beef and mushrooms. The flavour however wasn’t really there. needed maybe a tad more salt in the mix to bring some flavour? It was rather bland and boring to eat. Good portion as the pie is rather sizable so if you’re not fussy or happy to pour a lot of ketchup on it, its not bad eating. I’ve never been a huge condiment person myself.

Pepper steak Pie. Emma said she had hunks of gristle and that I should note that in my review. She wasn’t impressed with the pie at the end of her meal. Non plussed was my impression of her impression.

vego pie. Chick peas. Em said it was decent.



Savoury Pies, Vego Pies, Pasties, Sausage Rolls. You hungry yet?

PIE TIN’s Price guide at a glance.You can get a salad with your pie or chips. As mentioned in my earlier review on Urbanspoon, By the time I got the food; the fries were stodge like packet fries from a small handful of miserable inedible chips. See the Moo Gourmet Burger post (which is forthcoming) about really great chips. Those were great and cost the same. These. Yuck. Yuck. YUCK.

they serve beers.

white rum + kahula pie + coffee. Excellent filling. Smooth and light. Didn’t taste like sugar which is nice but yeah, it was definitely cream ladened so you  are very aware that it was.Ate the whole thing except the crust which was okay. The coffee beans were added a nice crunch

sour cherry pie. Crust was okay. Good filling. We ate into it and left the crust alone. I think as a base ingredient; the sour cherries did most of the work. They were sour/piquant and made a nice and not overly sweet closer to the meal.

Not pictured. Chocolate mint Pie. I was ordering and the queue crawled and by the time I got back, the girls ate most of it. It was too rich and need an ice cream to cleanse your palette eating it.


The winner for the nights are definitely the sweet pies and on the back of the dessert pies, will head back to Pie Tin. The sweet pie section of PIE TIN is very impressive but you’ll be paying $6.50-$7.50. Its good but Black Star pastry does soul satisfying pastries for $7 or less.
What with Keri Russell being so amazing in “Waitress” and it all being about the dessert pies so Pie Tin wins some points there.

To be perfect honest, the savouries were misses for me but the sweet pies were great. Can’t go wrong with sugar! The selection is pretty amazing to look at. The place can get super busy and the seats are limited so while its tempting to stay and mull your dessert and chat, I always feel bad as restaurants of any ilk need the turnover and for people to move along. Its a good venue to hang around if its not crowded. Coffee was decent enough. Price is right though, and the place is just nice enough to warrant a visit to see if you like it.

Just don’t order the awful chips.


*add. went back again and pies more or less garnered the same reaction from mates.The lads were like WOAH pies are huge! But the kumera chips with gravy is outstanding. Service from the girl at the counter (twice was great)

*they give their leftover pies at COB to ozharvest so yes, Pie Tin, you have my business :) cheers.

*bought one of their stock pies as a birthday pie (meringue + blackforest base). excellent!

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  1. fin

    I’ve heard awesome things about Pie Tin – thanks for sharing all these photos! I’m actually so hungry now that I might just head over there. I’m usually frequent Harry’s and Pie Face, but Pie Tin seems like it’s up to par with the others.