Pei Modern which was Mark Best’s Bistro styled venue in Melbourne has just opened in the Four Seasons down at The Rocks. Like Melbourne’s this is modern australian priced right with some nice shared dishes and a series of thoughtful dishes that provided a delightful dining experience. Alongside Mark, Matt Germanchis is here – having relocated to man the kitchen here. Also returning from her time at Burch and Purchese is Masterchef’s Kylie Millar who’s moved back to Sydney. There’s a woodfired oven here and that lamb dish and prawns below have come outta there with that smokey charrey goodness that it imbues. We dropped in for a lunch tasting with Liquid Ideas.

Pei Modern Sydney is clad in black and sombre on the inside. The outside space sits inside the lofty four seasons lobby and is more generous in volume.

Anchovy Parmesan Shortbread (entree)

Beef Tartare, Local Sea Urchin & Horseradish on Toast.

Clyde River Rock Oysters, South Coast NSW – freshly shucked and swimming in brine.

Culatello ‘King of Prosciutto’ – fermented pear slices on this. A nice entree.

Surf Clams with Smoked Butter & Fermented Corn.

La Luna Goat Cheese Custard, Asparagus – cooked in the woodfired oven with a slight char.

Ricotta Dumplings, Kale, Hazelnuts – Pillowy perfect dumplings with a core of ricotta. Burnt butter sauce added nutty notes.

Tiger Prawns & Slow Cooked Pineapple – sweet, flavoursome.

Salmon Tail cooked on the Bone, Samphire & Rouille – was delighted to see seabeans on the salmon – its uncommon to see on most menus. We also enquired about the particular cut of salmon as the dish uses what is commonly considered an offcut making it an interesting choice. Salmon lifted away with no bones which made it easy eating.

Milly Hill Lamb Shoulder Cooked in Chamomile. Designed to be shared and its large enough for 3-4. The lamb has been soaked in chamomile to diminish the inherent lamb gaminess. Sizable and tender. A favourite of the diners at our table.

Chocolate Tart, Eucalyptus, Cream. Sort deconstructed and beautifully plated. This was fantastic to eat, with a dark rich salted caramel on the plate.The chocolate was paper thin and folded into the tart.

Spiced Doughnuts, Blood Orange, Whey Butterscotch.

Duck Egg Sauternes Custard & Crostoli – Fantastic Dessert tying with the Chocolate tart for being nuanced. The duck egg custard had the distinctive duck egg flavour which distinguished it from normal custard – layered while being subtly aromatic and light. The crostoli’s were dipped like soldiers and added crunch.

Kylie Millar and Lauren Eldridge running the pastry section here at Pei Modern. Wandered around and spotted Kylie. A surprise and delight for sure. Melbourne’s loss and sydney’s gain.

Mark at the Pei Modern Sydney Kitchen.

Outside of their main menu – this is the Pei Modern, quick lunch menu which comes in at a very affordable $35.

We really enjoyed our time at Pei Modern Sydney and see this being a major drawcard for the Four Seasons. We already quite love the service and drinks at Grain Bar which is really quite special. The food was on the edge of fine dining but the prices were more affordable; being more casual while presenting diners with a largely sophisticated menu. The presence of the shared plates dishes means you can come in with company and enjoy a selection of the eats also. The lunch menu as noted is rather reasonable. Pei Modern Sydney sits in a rather large venue – with seating inside and spilling outside onto the main concourse area. We enjoyed this a lot and will be back soon as will the rest of Sydney. Check out the menu below.


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5 Responses

  1. Michelle Dunner

    You had a power of food and it all looks great. I went to Pei Modern just after it opened in Melbourne and had a lot of dishes (well, I thought I had a lot) but I was still hungry on the way home. I obviously need a different approach to ordering!

  2. Tony Hollingsworth

    Thanks for sharing this guys – it was a lovely lunch event and I was thrilled to have you as my +1 guests for the opening. Props to Lucy Curtin at Liquid Ideas for hosting us. I’ll be back for that lamb and to try many other dishes, for sure.

    • TheJugernaut

      excellent dishes John. Wanted the sorrell dessert too. Might have to head back for a meal asap

  3. Samanthawxlow

    Cool write up! Do you know how much each of the dishes cost though? Definitely considering dragging some folks here. The surf clams and beef tartare definitely caught my eye