We last spotted Papi Chulo’s Patrick Friesen at their Papi Chulo first birthday and not 2 weeks later, 1 day into Merivale’s annual March into Merivale he’s at WIPbar at a tweaked version of the establishment with a fried chicken and noodle popup. For the duration of MIM, WIP will be dishing up Patrick’s take on Korean Fried Chicken, Dumplings and Noodles. Canadian dude’s got game. This is delicious affordable eats. We’re gonna hedge that this is going to become permanent.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (10)

@patrickfriesen in the kitchen at @patrickfriesen.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (8)

that chicken’s crying out “white guy fried chicken”

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (9)

Wip packed out pretty quickly. Funnily enough we picked the only un-numbered table (13 – they don’t want that bad luck!) We quite like the canteen look and how its more street with that table setting here. Buzzy.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (1)

Kirin beers, snacks and vegetables, Noodles and Fried Chicken. The startling thing about this menu, is the price guide. It’s surprisingly cheap and this is definitely one for the masses.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (3)

We’ve never had this chilli sauce but its got a kick and possibly better than a sriracha.Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (2)

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (4)

Pork and Prawn Wonton, Strange Flavour, Sichuan Pepper $12 – the strange flavour description on the menu is one of the main reasons why we picked this. Probably a bit of enrish and a bit of fun but these were juicy succulent and delicious. You’d really want these. Strange Flavour had citrusy notes and peanuts in it.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (5)

Supreme Wonton. $16 This warm delicious bowl of hot supreme both and shares the same dumplings from the Wonton dish but they were so good we didn’t mind eating more. A really aromatic, tasty authentic tasting version of wonton noodle soup.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (6)

Duck Noodles – Sichaun Duck Tofu Lo Mein $16 The use of firm tofu, sichuan spices in this made this a bit spicy and a good eat. Again, a hit.

Patrick Friesen - MarchintoMerivale WIPbar (7)

Fried Chicken (all options served up with Kimchi, pickled Daikon, Garlic Cucumber) $16 We opted for the half an half which came with half chilli nuts and Ginger Ninja and at $16, this was great value with a fair few hunks of luscious juicy fried chicken. The Chilli Nuts on the right is such a punchy flavoursome richly unctious eat.

Seeing how this is a limited run popup at WIPbar; @patrickfriesen was a great dining option right in the city with fantastic food and great prices. The venue is well staffed and they’re really quite attentive for what is a fried chicken place (non of that Arisun “you can only sit for an hour type nonsense here”). Chef @patrickfriesen we really dig @patrickfriesen.


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