Parson’s Bar is the the latest small bar talking over the kellet street side of Potts Point. Built by the its owners (brothers Joe, Nick van der Heide with Byron Dunn) Parsons Bar front bar was one they physically put together and they’re also very proud of the fact at no.3 Kellet Street, that the wall tiles (in the kitchen) were also done by the team. It’s housed in one of them victorianesque houses in potts point so it’s a large bar with ample of areas to scout out.

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Like all bars along Kellet, the front edge is Alfresco. There’s a tranquil oasis like space with the leafy green of the street trees providing a barrier to the street.

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Parsons is 4 spaces; the front alfresco area, the front room with lounges and booth, the long mirrored corridor and the outside backyard space (replete with herbs they’re growing for use in the kitchen). It’s an intimately lit space with jazzy tunes playing and a warm welcoming feel

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There’s 2 taps here serving up craftbeers.

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Nick van de Heide making cocktails and shots tonight. Joe is Front of house while Byron holds court in the Kitchen.

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Black Cherry Banger $17 (Gentleman Jack, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Grapefruit Bitters and Cherry Soda) and the Parson’s Mistress $18 Belvedere, Elderflower, Gin, Egg White, Fresh Mint

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Paradigm shift. $17 Don Julio Tequila, HoneyDew Melon, Vanilla Honey Syrup and Liquer and a Blood and Sand $16 – scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, cherry and blood orange. Served tall and icey, the Paradigm is fresh and summery with a boozey adult punch.

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Ppornstar cocktail with its champagne chaser (absolut vanilla, passionfruit purée, lime, coco Blanc de Blanc)

We’ve had a range of their cocktails over 3 visits and its a good mix of tasty and well balanced. Pricing starts from and affordable $16 and caps off at $18 – a good price of these. The cocktail list is a small curated 8 drinks but its a great range that’ll definitely appeal.

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Parsons Bar - Potts Point

Snacks! – Warm Marinated Olives, Pork Crackling and House Seasoned Nuts all $4. Crispy White Bait and a good serve of this was $8.  Pepper Verde – Crumbed Green Peppers lined with a chili Blue Cheese cream $12 were piping hot, flavoursome treats.

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Pulled Beef Sliders (5 hour pulled brisket, mustard slaw)– $6 each/3 for $15 – these came on a pale looking white bun and were suprisingly good. They’re tasty.

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There’s also “Large Meals” on the Parsons Bar menu – the Pork and Veal Meatballs $15 was a good plate of eats with oozy Mozzarella cheese middles and priced very well. There’s also a vegetarian option here in the Vegetable Galette so you can pop into Parsons Bar for a complete evening of eats and drinks

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Parsons Bar is a good bar restaurant, its eats menu is fairly credible, with a great warm feel and ambience. A definite recommend.

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