The Morrison joins the $10 burger race and for the launch of the parlour burger, offers ups 1000 free burgers via a bit of FB redemption. We managed to claim it except the queues were ridiculous and we didn’t bother. $10 buck? We’re not too FOMO here. The logo is nice

Parlour Burger adjoins the Morrison and sits behind with its own entry although you can access it from the main venueparlourburger-1

The Parlour Burger side of Morrison looks somewhat saloonish with its name up in lightsparlourburger-4

Charcoal is good for you.. um, okayparlourburger-2

You order here. We also ordered some choice Morrisons crab tacos but we had to go across to place the orderparlourburger-6

The Morrison burger. So yes, you can get it medium or done. We had these medium. The middle tasted like you were eating raw unseasoned mince outta the packet. Not much flavour in itself, sort of challenging to eat as it was kind of gross and quite a bit smaller than expected.(silver lining?)parlourburger-7b

This is their charcoal bun black betty burger. It should be noted that these are quite close up so the burgers look big but they’re actually quite small like a slider plus.parlourburger-5

Duck Fat fries $8. A tiny serve and not really that great. 8 bucks for this? They jokin! How about you just serve normal fries and make it cheaper in normal oil. Nothing wrong with that.

(Burger Done was had about 2 months later 2014). Came in to check out how the Morrisons Burger would be if it was well done. Dry bun, they cooked the hell out of the patty. Up there with Luxe’s beef puck burger. Bad.

The first visit, the guys I brought left PB and said “they were going to hit pie face/fast food” as the bun as stated is really kind of small and not too filling – and why fast food? because it was cheap and because they’d already spent $16-18 here.

So yeah, that’s the parlour burger for you. Not sure why they can’t just cook a burger – just 1 way and do it well. They offer it done/medium and both ain’t good. Since when were diners clamouring for burgers done or medium? When medium, the middle was too rare and the thing didn’t taste nice. That said, was hoping for a better eat when we returned in 2014 to get a done burger and see how it is: well, the bun was dry, the meat was dry, the burger’s still smallish and it ain’t good. $10 sounds like a good deal til you’re faced with what you get. A small burger and expensive duck fat fries. There’s other sides at $6 but we comboed a burger and the fries and that $18 . You’d expect a great feed for that amount of change. Not a fan.
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  1. Trent @ Food Assault

    Great write up and honesty. When I heard Morrisons were doing burgers it just didn’t make sense to me……Oyster bar and then burgers? Trying to get in on the burger craze and be another Chur?

    Obviously not…..I’ll avoid this…..prefer to check out Grilled instead.

    • TheJugernaut

      if you check the urbanspoon score and comments, you’ll observe a lot of slider/small comments also. Its a small burger.