Parke Davis is a new small bar that’s popped up in the city right under that cuban place – If you’re near the QVB, cross the road and this sits just there. This is a Cocktail bar, they do serve food (from 1pm-midnight).


Its interesting that this is popping up here.


Parke Davis has a speakeasy style. It’s large, fairly appealing and had a surprisingly nice atmosphere.


Unlike other “faux” basements, the bricks and surfaces here are real and there’s a genuineness to the venue which appeals. The seats are cloth sacky things and its fairly comfy.


Bar guys striking a pose


Sazarac Sphere (Remy Martin VS Cognac, muscovado spiced syrup, peychaud’s bitters poured over an absinthe sphere) and an El Capitan (Sailor Jerry raisin infused rum, hickory smoked maraschino liqueur, pink grapefruit, chilled with vanilla ice). Both $18 and quite nice.


We decided to go for a Banoffee or Bust (I mean its banoffee!) and it is overly sweet – like a coffee cocktail with bits of banana crisps on the side. Next time we’re sticking to the cocktails which are all booze (see above)

Parke Davis surprised us. We weren’t too sure what we expected but its a fairly well lit venue, there’s loads of seating and it wasn’t as crazy busy as some of the more popular venues (which actually gives you space to breathe and not overly cacophonous). Bar snack was a nice nut mix.
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