When JimmysBurgers is in town and asking where to hit burgers, it gotta be the newly opened Paradise Road Diner. Located round the northern bend of Campbell Parade is David Owen and Gaudi Diaz’s Paradise Road Diner. With an americana menu of non bastardised *classic milkshakes – there’s good ole traditional burgers, milkshakes, floats, meat trays, fried chicken and waffles, pies and sundaes. What we loved was the terrific service; unlimited sparkling ($3pp) and great eats here. Also winning the bar counter seats where you can watch the chefs prep your dinner and also have a chat about the food and their experiences. So pop on in, grab a seat at the counter and soak in this good time American Diner.

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standard conditments of ketchup and mustard. The green sriracha is a surprise.

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A look around paradise Road. The venue has al fresco dining, seating for larger tables and adjoining the wall, there’s a cosy 2 seater setup. We gravitate towards the counter where you get to peak into the kitchen to scout out the actions in the kitchen.

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Sides: Chilli Cheese Fries  $8, Mac and Cheese $8, Onion Rings $6, Shaved Potato Hash Brown $5

there’s a good selection of sides and we really liked just about all of these. Chilli Cheese Fries and Mac and Cheese were both great go-tos with the former being enveloped with a tasty beefy chilli and melted cheese and promptly devoured. Mac and Cheese was classic and yes cheesy (you’d be surprise at how many places don’t get it right). Onion Rings had a great batter making these some of the best we’ve had.

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A trio of burgers – their southern fried chicken burger $15 with bacon, cheese burger $15 with bacon and their Cowboy $17

Quite happy to report that the burgers (add $2 for fries) were all great tasting burgers that we’d happily come back for. Southern Fried Chicken Burger was a terrific with a crunchy coating and the frank red hot sauce added a punch to the burger. The Paradise Road Diner Cheeseburger has 2 types of cheese and like Neil Perry’s Burger Project comes with salad – there’s tomato and iceberg lettuce. Its fresh tasting and the meat is cooked a nice medium and rested. Cowboy is sans salad, a towering burger featuring their beef patty, black forest bacon, house made BBQ sauce (A tangy version of it cheddar and tomato relish. Its their signature burger and a winner. Crispy, large, tangy, beefy, delicious.

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Desserts: Pecan Pie from Ant’s American Baked goods $12 Paradise Sundae $10

We missed the paradise sundae our first visit spotting it on instagram and on our second visit, it was our go to most desired eat here and it delivered. Pecan Pie was pretty much perfect with sugary crusted pecans and a not overtly sweet base and devoured. Paradise Sundae – today’s iteration is their peanut butter and jelly version is a wonderfully indulgent treat with thick peanut butter and jelly in there and scoops of darkly rich chocolate ice cream.

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Jimmys Burgers at Paradise Road.

With classic burgers and eats. Paradise Road is a hot spot at the northern end of Bondi with their great eats. They also have a more breakfast menu of staples, bagels, omelettes. Paradise Road is Americana done the right way and we’re looking forward to our next return visit.

Paradise Road Diner
296 Campbell Parade, North Bondi
(02) 9300 6161

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