Light in yonder tunnel. We wandered in Papa Gedes one evening after a night on the town at the Bristol Arms. They weren’t open very long – this was about 1 week into their opening – Grabbed their well priced cocktails and had a chat and Papa Gedes is a nice new smallbar. It’s small, fantastic and intimate – sits 50-60 which the three owners put together from scratch. Somewhat rustic and somewhat quirky with the tarot cards, this is one to watch – tikis, cocktails and absinthe are its calling cards. We dropped in 2 nights in a row as we dug it. Its great.
So um, yeah, what’s that? We walk down the cobble down this bit of laneway.
We approach the door and we see that its a new smallbar.
Looking back, from the top of the ramp, some hung painting s and a long bar.
Voodoo mod minimal graphics on the left.
Carribean, New Orleans, Witch Doctor shenanigans on the PG menu. Cocktail menu isn’t large but its great. (click to expand $16)
More cocktails page 2 and vino! And yes, they serve burger rings.
Its an OG styled small bar. And that’s why its a jug fav. Its just there. The right bits and pieces so its not too stark and not too done up
yum. I think this is the hemingway daiquiri
flaming drinks are always impressive. We love tikis.
Loved the ice cold goblets drinks came in.
Absinthe Drink #1
We had the barbados slam (rum, coconut juice, lemon, creme de mure), lousiana party punch (rum, lemon, smokey tea). Both about $15-16 (which is nice) and quite good
papagedes-19 papagedes-20
Gedes Fizz with Campari.
Michael making Cocktails. Mmmm
Lara, Joshua and Michael in their small bar Papa Gede’s Bar. We had a nice time chatting with them and they’re good people so come in and grab a drink or two. That bar? The 3 of them put it together more or less. You gotta love it.


Papa Gede’s a new favourite, we love the fact that its tikis and absinthe and a great small bar in which to lose a couple of hours. We had a great time here. Something voodoo in the hoodoo. Just right. Visit at:

(via laneway) Rear 348 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia 2000