When I went to Palmers + Co, I didn’t realise that this was a merivale joint.The realisation that is; made a lot of things quite clear – the level of polish, the stylish digs, the rather fantastically dressed waitress who put on the speakeasy/mod look. Merivale does small bar; and its quite wonderful.
Located down the side lane that connects establishment to the other side (tank – assuming is now MR.WONGS as I haven’t gone round), lies Palmers + Co. You enter via a tiny doorway and descend into a “oldish” vaulted prohibition styled speakeasy. Its also already quite packed and the night we went, we couldn’t get a seat.

You will immediately note the vault ceilings and the cavernous space, It really looks and feels incredible. I personally don’t think much of the interior is real – they do this laminate type product that looks like brick and the air diffuser/ducting coming out of the vault (you can’t cut an arch and have it be structural)  indicates to me that i’m most probably right.


The bar at Palmers+Co. huge Selection of cocktails becomes so bring a fat wallet. The cocktail list is very comprehensive.


Palmers does chacuterie platters; andvarious other items. I had the mac and cheese. Ordering and getting your order felt arbitary; they don’t give you a number and its hard to gauge when your food is ready. It wasn’t the best eating thing and for $8. terrible value. Companions had the chacuterie platter for 2. Go look at my Timbah Post. half that portion. :P
That said, merivale does speakeasy. And its attractive and a good night out. There’s live music, beautfiully adorned/dressed wait staff. Its like you’ve walked into something in HBO’s Boardwalk empire. The crowd however is different from other venues like this (no hipster stasches) but that’s hardly surprising considering the location.  I like Palmers + Co. It looks pretty, and offers good value if you want a quality cocktail. its merivale. They don’t skimp on their promise of quality.


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