The newly opened One Tea Lounge Lounge and Grill along York Street (adjoins CBD hotel/Mojo) is the David Yip’s asian fusion joint. Famed for breaking the nightnoodle markets with his ricebun burger and that infamous, polarising Ramen Burger; One Tea Lounge brings to Sydney the first ever Matcha Baoger (nope, we haven’t had it) but we did grab a fair few drinks and eats while here. Its an interesting, somewhat quirky fusion venue. And yes, about 75-80% of their menu items does contain green tea.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (13)
One Tea Lounge and Dining (8)
The venue is a blend of orange and lounge aesthetics and OTL is a bit of a tea lounge/cocktail joint also and we think you’ll be encouraged to loiter and while the night away here.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (6)
We have some amazing top grade japanese tea and this is the premium stuff. 60 degree boil on the water and we even ate the green tea leaves as advised. Not a hint of bitterness and somewhat vegetal.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (4)One Tea Lounge and Dining cocktail
One Tea Lounge and Dining (3)
One Tea Lounge and Dining (11)
Series of cocktails from OTL. They have 2 inhouse bartenders who’ll prep your cocktails and yup, there’s green tea in them all providing you with that antioxidanty feel good vibes as you imbibe.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (17)
Sliders for dinner. L (Ramen with beef, Rice bun w Pork and a Vego Matcha Baoger with tofu). Surprisingly we liked the Matcha version the best with a tangy sriracha sauce which packed a kick.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (12)
Mains: Lamb cutlets and loin. $28 Plate had 2 cutlets and a loin there.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (16)
One Tea Lounge and Dining (14)
One Tea Lounge and Dining (15)
Also here is a Robata grill and the price range for grilled skewers sits between $6-8 for 2 skewers. Eggplant, Chicken Crackling (skin) and Enoki Beef. Quite nice little bites and would go nicely with beers. The chicken crackling was nice and decadent and that spicy miso sauce on it was pretty spicy.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (2)
One Tea Lounge and Dining (1)
OTL ceviche. Served up on a bed of shaved ice, OTL’s ceviche was pretty good.

One Tea Lounge and Dining
Also on the menu is a smoked octopus salad and it comes to your table with a cloche full of smoke. Tender well seasons octopus imbued with smoke.

One Tea Lounge and Dining (10)
One Tea Lounge and Dining (9)
A duo of desserts – we had their dessert baogers. Mini deep fried sweet buns with (sesame, matcha, lychee or red bean) icecream – you get to pick them. In the tall glass is their green tea parfait which ticks all the boxes with a panacotta, a fairy floss, almonds, crunchy almond waffers and matcha icecream in there. Scooping down into it, you’ll get plenty of flavours and textural notes as you dive in.

Open for lunch and dinners, OTL located where it sits in the CBD is going to be many CBD workers go to burger joint. They also sell Japanese styled noodles (its Ramen you guys) and we’re looking forward to our return visit; Their real sized burgers are calling.

One Tea Lounge
Upper Ground Floor, 73 York St, CBD
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One Response

  1. David

    Thank you so much for coming by and also for your really constructive feedback and advice. It is very early days for us with our soft opening but we started to really pick up from our Free Matcha Baoger offer and hopefully we will kick on strongly before our official launch party which I would love to extend the invitation to you.

    We are working on refining our menu and cocktail drinks so that this really becomes a great venue to chill and have a great night of food and beverages.

    Thank you and hope to see you soon again… Cheers David