Old Master Young Henrys and Art Gallery NSW

The Art Gallery of NSW is currently running The Greats: masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland’  A fantastic showcase of some of the worlds most revered old master paintings and to run along this. A special beer inspired by The Greats. Making a beer inspired by such masters of creation as Bottecelli, Raphael, Gaugin, Monet and Turner? Not an easy task. But then Young Henry’s from Sydney’s innerwest have never been a brewery to back away from a challenge and have created just such a beer.

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Oscar and the team created ‘OLD MASTER’ and they have not disappointed a glorious drop. The Old Master Scottish Ale has a nose of subtle smoke, chocolate and wood, and heavy malt’s, and has the ability to pull you in, very much like the eyes of Lady Agnew (see below). On tasting, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this was unlike a lot of Scottish Ales this is a lot lighter with some spicy hop notes and a rich depth of flavour make this very drinkable. With an easy drinking 5.2% ABV, Old Master is lagerlike but more refined much like the art that has inspired it. The colouring of the Ale is red if you hold it up to the light. Red = Power. This is one of those beers.

Available for a very limited time at the Young Henrys brewery and some lucky selected waterholes (Union in Newtown, Palisade’s Hotel in Millers Point) , this ale is a limited edition and will be sure to go quickly. So if you can get down to the Art Gallery of NSW’s Old Master will be available. And check out some quality historical art while you’re at it.

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Post by Blair Sayer.