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Spectrum Now is many things; its a whole bunch of rather interesting gigs and performance showcases. Then, there’s also the Nosh Pit – thus called because you’re “Noshing/Eating” away, not moshing. It’s all happening at the Domain with heaps of Sydney’s beloved eats available. Come here with an empty belly because you’re going to need it.

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We wander around and spot Bondi’s Best, Bao Stop, Lp’s and Let’s do Yumcha.

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One of Sydney’s most beloved Burger joint Mary’s is here. You can get their burgers or a killer meatball sub sandwich exclusive to Spectrum Now. Jake Smyth is out of Newtown and manning their Stall here so come say hello.

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The ever popular Sydney Bao Stop features and they’ve were last spotted selling their yummy baos at the Lunar Markets. Its all yummy and fresh and them duck baos are great.

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LPmeats out of chippendale are dishing up a duo of sandwiches – a smoked meat sandwich and an andouille sausage sandwich and both are excellent.

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Gelato Messina has a big ole Milkbar at SpectrumNow and a whole array of amazing desserts with a menu that you’d want to hack away at. We had Dr Wongs and their Cream Bun Dance and both delighted being not only cute but also so so delicious.

West side

There’s a couple of stalls located on the Westside of Spectrum Now. There’s Span Thai, Pasar Malam, a Gozeleme stall (both featured at Lunar Markets  and then there’s Black Star Pastry and N2 Extreme Gelato and also Via Napoli. 

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Via Napoli’s deep fried pizza is a decadent as you think it’d be. Its piping hot with gooey cheese and their pizzas are already amazing but here, it’s taken up a notch. A must if you visit Spectrum Now.

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We’ve always been suckers for Black Star Pastry – you’ve seen our instagram? They have a collab stall with N2 extreme gelato and you can find dishes from both stalls and then there’s the collab dessert. Watermelon Strawberry Cake, N2’s brokeback moment and their collab Plum Slinger – Sandalwood pastry cup with lychee ginger sorbet, freeze-dried plums, frankincense sugar, poprocks & a shot of mint gel. You can get a plate of all 3 for $25. Yes. We didn’t share the plate and by we, I mean me.

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After we left, BSP+N2 also decided to mash up a new dessert and this Spectrum Now only eat is also available. It is basically a Watermelon Strawberry Cake Instafreeze Gelato. Ideally we’ll eat this asap.

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Also spotted at SpectrumNow is Little Creatures with a beer stall, Veggie Patch Van, the ever popular Hoy Pinoy. We didn’t get around to it but Bishop Sessa is here as is Hendrick Gin with a wonderful looking Gin joint. There’s heaps to check out in the domain on the food front so visit.

The above is the master list of all the eats. For more info regarding all Noshpit foodstall. Click here.


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