Mah Local. Its up the road and I remember when it opened and the pub was a mad hive of activity and you could have the music from 2 street away. I rather dig the newtown hotel. Its big, brash, and a good fit for Newtown. The pub food is good quality, reasonably priced and the beers are the right price for a good night.


The ground floor bar with the retractable roof over and a glance at their menu. A lot of items are $10 and its a solid pub eat.


Ooo. Do it.


The bar staff in this joint are really great. I’ve been here quite a few times and its always good.


The outdoor smoking/dining space with the hanging light.


This place is buzzing. Its mostly always.


The main bar of the newtown hotel out the front.


pool table and pin ball machines. There’s also a few game machines to the side.


Bucket of things. Chicken wings. $12. Pretty nice. Freshly cooked so its pipping hot and good eating.


Cheese burger. $10. Other places should look at this and I think for pub grub, this is the standard and portion to aim to. I would eat here everyday. Its so, reasonable and the burger is pretty good. The chips are also great and you can just make up the little container behind the burger with the mayo dip.


Tacos.Chicken. Good value. Fairly substantial.


Magerite Pizzas. Pub sized – Its good.
We also dropped in this time for a friend’s birthday so I had the barstaff slice up a #pietin pie and brought it out and they were accomodating and easy about. We had a great time in here. If you’re in Newtown, well worth dropping in.

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