The brainchild of Mary’s Kenny Graham and Jake Smyth, the Newtown Locals are a collaborative coalition (the good kind) of the community; a food based gathering designed to showcase to surrounding suburbs precisely what Newtown has to offer in the way of hospitality. On Friday afternoon (9th October), friends of Newtown Locals were invited to Young Henrys in Newtown for beers (by Young Henrys) and food (from Bloodwood) for the unveiling of the Newtown Locals festival t-shirt design winner and the official Newtown Locals pre-festival launch.

Newtown Locals Young Henrys Newtown Locals Young Henrys (2) Newtown Locals Jake Smyth

Jake smyth announcing the Newtown Locals and the tshirt competition winner.

Newtown Locals Jake Smyth Chris The
Mary’s Jake Smyth and Black Star Pastry’s Chris The.

Newtown Locals Jake Smyth Blair Sayer

Designer Blair Sayer and Jake Smyth

Newtown Locals Blair Sayer Design

The Newtown Local t-shirt competition judged by the Newtown Locals panel gave one lucky designer the opportunity to have their design worn on the backs of thousands at Newtown Festival. The winning design by Blair Sayer will available for purchase on the day of the festival, with all proceeds going to charity.

This years Newtown Locals features: Bloodwood, Oscillate Wildly, Earl’s Juke Joint, Rising Sun, The Stinking Bishops, Oldtown Newtown, 212 Blu, Black Star Pastry, Hartsyard, Brewtown, Continental Deli, Mary’s, Young Henrys, N2Gelato & The Courthouse Hotel.

Tasked with the creative challenge of reworking traditional fairground classics, the Newtown Locals for a Newtown iterations of these eats. Menu items will be an affordable $10. They will also offer coffee and soda as refreshments, with the bars being curated by Mary’s and Young Henrys.

2015’s Newtown Locals menu curation is being led by Claire Van Vuuren of Bloodwood. Claire will curate the menu’s ensuring punters get a taste of all things local, before passing the baton on to her chosen local business to manage the crew in 2016.

On the menu: a hot chip poutine with beef and beer gravy with cheese curds (vegetarian option also available), from Hartsyard & The Stinking Bishops, a chicken steak waffle with chipotle maple and candied pancetta (pictured below), from Bloodwood, Mary’s, Oldtown Newtown & Bach, a ‘corndog’ with oscilated sauce (vegetarian) from Bloodwood and Oscillate Wildly, and finally from Brewtown, n2Gelato and Black Star Pastry, a gelato topped crunchy caramel biscuit with freeze dried raspberry and red shiso syrup.

All profits will be donated directly to ‘First Response‘ – a frontline emergency response service run by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, which deals with drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and homelessness within the Inner West.

With bevvies curated by Mary’s and Young Henrys, and the Newtown Locals handling the food; the 37th annual Newtown Festival is guaranteed to make locals proud and an awesome all round day at the festival.

Newtown Locals (9)



Newtown Festival 2015 Returns November 8th 2015 – More info here.