Coming on the 22nd and the 23rd of May is the first Newtown Enmore Tapas Trail 2015. The brain child of Gina Monaco and Glenno Smith and inspired by their trip to Spain; the Newtown Enmore Tapas Trail is an inner west late Autumn event highlight with over 15 venues participating. You will already spot their posters at various shops around the innerwest – go look for one of these passports and plan your evenings tapas hopping.

Newtown Enmore Tapas Trail 2015 (3)

The Passport is a handsized foldaway that has spiffy artwork by Glenno. He’s the one who’s drawn that signature man drinking beer tee for Young Henrys Beer.

Here’s the overview of the venues involved in the Newtown Enmore Tapas Trail.

  • Courthouse Hotel
  • Beach Burrito Company Newtown
  • Newtown Social Club
  • Union Hotel
  • Midnight Special
  • The Bank Hotel
  • The Marlborough Hotel
  • The Warren View Hotel
  • The Hideaway Bar
  • The Carlisle Castle
  • The Newtown Hotel
  • The Duke
  • The Corridor
  • Kelly’s on King
  • ZanziBar

Newtown Enmore Tapas Trail 2015 (6)

A look at the back of the passport. Note the 5 squares that you tick off as you do the Tapas Trail. There’s prizes to be won with filled out cards. Its’ also go a handy map just there. The tail end of the Tapas Trail culiminates both nights at the Union Hotel with gigs – Friday Night is Shaggin Wagon and there’s the Shout Brothers on the Saturday.

Newtown Enmore Tapas Trail 2015 (1)

Midnight Special’s Tapas Special is a beer and a special Tapas Trail Hotdog for $10

We’re looking forward to the Tapas Trail and can’t wait to get chomping through some of our favourite places in our local suburb. There’s also going to be vegetarian options. This is the innerwest after all.


Newtown Tapas Trail Website

Tapas Trail Facebook