We’ve previously visited the New Shanghai in Ashfield and had a good meal ($41.50 for 3) and this time, we hit New Shanghai to taste test their menu courtesy of Wasa and New Shanghai – The menu tonight is both classics and the new stuff and its a doozy. Loads of food, a lot of it really is quite delicious and showcases the strength of New Shanghai’s food.


SPECIAL DRINK: strawberry ice and a blended yakult. Also note the menu sitting there, the extensive menu at new shanghai is still there and its a real doozy. 100+ menu items!


Xiao Long Bao – with delicious soup inside. Order this. Pick


These ball dumplings were better than the last time we had them and filled with nicely seasoned pork.


delicious pan fried dumplings. Yeah, delicious., Pick


prawn dumplings with peanuts – very interesting and one of the picks tonight. Excellent dumpling skin, good interesting peanut flavour with the prawns and a generous big plate of food. Pick this!


crunchy school prawns – we’ve had them battered in a pub before and here its asian styled cookery with shallots. Very nice and crunchy. Eaten whole.


shredded beef – this came with a side serve of buns and you put them in the buns and ate it.


Seafood claypot – its great. Nice generous serves of seafood. All freshly cooked and you really can’t beat that.


Large Prawns cooked in a claypot w vermicelli. All the flavours of the ingredients went into the cooking liquid and stewed the vermicelli and this was excellent. Another pick


Salt Pepper Crab – crunchy salt, yummy. This is one that excited. crunchy soft, flavoursome.


Woodear fungus with white fish. A nice plate of food.


XO sauce pipis.


tofu greens and mushroom. This is a vego pick and there’s lots to eat here and its a favourite of ours tonight. 3 ingredients. and bam, flavour.


pork belly bun – New menu item. They’re catching onto you foodtruck/ippudo/momofuku. 2/steam tray and yummy yummy yummy. Pick


Dessert – fresh fruit, shaved ice and icecream – we suckers for the sweets here. This is about $10.80 and its large enough to share for 2-3. A real winner of a pick and a great way to close any dinner.

This was a great meal here at new shanghai. As it was a tasting and we got a whole lot of food but what is to be observed is that almost everything, we’d happily order again and that’s a testament to the cookery and quality of the food (everything was fresh and you can tell). Almost all the dumplings eaten here tonight would make a Jugernauts.com top of list. Their new menu is now live – with the special drink, pork buns and more and with their specials and more? We’ll be making our way to New Shanghai again soon, there’s also going to be one opening in Melbourne soon.

Great dinner and more please.

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