NaruOne Korean Restaurant is located 375 Pitt Street in the city and having heard/read great things about the fried chicken here, J-crew of 8 heads in to check out this basement Korean eatery. When we got up to where this was located, I must have walked past NOKR hundreds of times without venturing in. Its near world tower on pitt street.


The could easily sub it out for a small bar. Its that sort of divey and yup, a post meal shot. So queues to get in.


Gotta love these back light menu boards. You can get your hair done upstairs.


A glimpse at their foldout menu. Platters of chicken for $32. or half/half for $33.  We had 83+84 and the 82.



Pic of the other half of the venue when we left. It was full the entire hour we were there. After seating us, the waitress who served us told us for our table of 8, We can stay only “1hour 10 minutes”. I’ve read that they boot you when time was up… and its TRUE. At least we finished in time sort of finished in time and yeah, the cleanup crew came in quickly. And as they should, they needed those tables. There was a queue waiting to get in.


I didn’t order these, I’m assuming… korean sake. I had 2 glasses but it didn’t taste like much – vodka-esque?


Platter one sticky sauce chilli chicken and crispy fried chicken 1/2+1/2. The red stuff had a chilli kick (but not much) and was quite sticky. They did provide a bucket for the winged chicken bits.


Spring Onion Boneless Fried Chicken. Came with a platter of dipping sauce that seemed to have some kick in it. Like popping chicken nuggets. Spring Onions were a nice enough garnish/eat.


Seafood+Tofu Hot pot.


Beef Hotpot


Here’s the hot pot cooking away. We were going to order 2 Larges but settled for 2 mediums which … proved to be almost too much to eat anyhow.

Service was manic, but madly efficient. The waitresses didn’t seem to speak english too well (what with my fellow diners taking to shaking the things they want). “More Serviettes” was met with a confused look only for request to be swiftly met when G lifted up her used papertowel and shook it. I wasn’t as blown away by the chicken as so many fellow bloggers seem to be. It was decent enough chicken that tasted alright. But for $33? I expected it to be revelatory or more bountiful. I gotta give it credit for not feeling and tastey remotely greasy. They also didn’t give us eating plates when they plated up so we kind of were like, um.. what?

Hot pots – these was the first time I’ve had a korean one (you basically let it all cook and then you pick away at the food) and while I didn’t love the beef one (sweetish and blah), the chilli seafood one fared better being a lot more savoury and flavoursome. The tofu ended up eating better than the boiled beef.

Jcrew was also apparently undeserving of the regular free korean bites you get at most places. We did get pickled apple or pear that only I ate as no one else cared for them. We ordered pretty much what Irene got here¬† (actually probably ordered more food and drinks too) but we didn’t get the Banchan (side dishes). We did wonder. I guess its roll the dice day? Most Korean places I’ve been to tend to serve these asap once seated..

All up including drinks and the 4 platters of food, it worked out to be about $25/head and we were all quite full at the end of it. Great value for money. Expect decent fried chicken. Expect them to kick you out once the time is up. Out the door queues too, so maybe expect to queue if you didn’t make bookings. We did book that is. Tick tock. Your move.

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10 Responses

  1. irene

    Thanks for the linking back!
    That’s too bad, I didn’t even think a Korean restaurant would skip serving banchan; I thought that was almost compulsory! Maybe it was a bad and busy day indeed. I went there when they weren’t busy so maybe that’s why I got better fare :)

    • TheJugernaut

      yeah, the banchan thing was strange. we could have asked but the service was so manic anyhow.

  2. tina @ bitemeshowme

    I enjoyed my several visits here. It’s that chicken that brings me back! Their chicken & cheese isn’t half bad either. Servings are big so it’s best to be shared. With the amount of food ordered I think it’s pretty good value!

    • TheJugernaut

      yeah, its pretty good value. I think we’ll revisit for the chook. I don’t mind a bamimmphim (or whatever the rice in the bowl with the egg thing is). and some kimchi pancakes if they have them…

  3. milkteaxx

    the chicken is nice but i wasnt that blown away either. maybe it was a very busy night when i went the rest of the dishes werent that wow either!

  4. Annie @ The Random Foodie

    i really want to try the fried chicken but not sure if the other dishes are any good. the urbanspoon rating doesn’t really help either (turned my friends off immediately) but damn that fried chicken!