The Jugernauts has been teased by numerous friends and instagrammers who flaunt their porcine love fests at Mr Crackles and envisaged visiting in his sleep. Crunchy perfect crackling looking delectable and seductive in 3×3 instagram squares called out to the crackling lover in me? This is a Jug Fav, less review, more love story.


Mr Crackles does, hot dogs, sloppy joes, caters and a variety of eats but we’re here for crackling. My visions eagles in on the Manwich. $15 Double the Meat, Half the Salad.


A look at their menu.


Stuff. Okay!


Roll of the Month. Mexican.


Crackles classic. Its basically a vietnamese-ish bread roll but with what is the most amazing portions of pork and crackling.


12 hour lamb. This is delicious and overcomes its lack of crackling. very very good… very very very good.


crackles nacho fries. We expected a smaller serve, and we didn’t expect pork either. The chilli sauce in here was tangy and the flavours were great. Not really a side, you can fill up on one of these. yummy.


The Manwich. DOUBLE THE PORK. half the salad. Astonishing to say the least. Reeling.


Ah mah gawd. This is the best thing ever. Pork is tender and delicious. Thing was hard to eat (so pork ladened) but the manwich is greatness in a roll.




Crackling Display cabinet. Smash and grab!!


I’m sorry, um, why didn’t I know about this sooner and attempted to visit with some measure of urgency. Mr Crackles is the best thing ever. There should be franchises everywhere. Highly Recommended. Go… pig out.

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  1. Chris Waghorn

    I went here recently and it’s every bit as tasty as you would hope. I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other creations.