Located in the same complex that houses Gelato Messina Bondi, A Tavola, Burger and Ribs is the rather sexy Mr Moustache. Equal parts mexican Cantina and luxe mezcal bar, it ooze plenty of style with a rather nice french luxe fitout and some gorgeous art and design in the menu and coasters. The backwall lined with all manners of mezcal – a sight to behold and you’ll be saying “salud!” not before long. We drop in for an evening of their cocktails with Mike Tomasic and get treated to a fun night out.


The award winning Mike Tomasic at Mr Moustache. We spend an evening with him as Mr+Mrs Moustache takes us to Mexico and back.


The space is rather luxious with clever use of a big mirrored end wall to extend the space. The marble is echoed in the luxe bar counter


Salad sticks with chamoy – its funny that dip. Its tangy and salty and really did fancify these salad sticks.


Tohoku Shrub – Nuestra Soleda, Calle 23 Reposado, Housemade Fuji Apple Shrub, fresh lemon and agave. Very smooth.


The 21st Century and all the boozey bits that went into making that lovely cocktail.


Love their coasters and the artwork. The strait of Messina cocktail is finished with a flora star anise.


These Pistonhead “Kustom Lagers” hail from Mexi… Sweden!


Also here, the very easy drinking Coronita Cerveza. You’re probably want to nick their super cute coasters.


Head chef and his sous making the eats here tonight. Really nice canapes and when its spicy, they don’t skimp on the heat.


Guacamole was very nice and well seasoned. Good chips too.


Raw scallop and chillis. simple canape but the heat is real and a real kicker. You can see seeds.


tostadas with pulled pork/duck and tuna (raw/ceviche) were all very nice.


Water melon and Proscuttio. So simple and so delicious.


beef burritos


Spicy sweet dried mango things. These were so morish and we want to scout these babies out and pig out.


Agave de Cortes Extra Anejo- the dessert mescal was paired with a piece of chocolate and the flavours bloomed in your mouth as the flavours met


Chocolate brownie with cajeta. “Cajeta is a caramel-like concoction, yet more milky and silky, and with a deep, rustic and almost nutty flavor”. mmm. Actually the white stuff on top was kinda intriguing. Goats milk/cheese?


The cherry on top at Mr Moustache and here’s it is. Regina has a little shock box which is a hoot. A MUST.


Can’t say enough about how amusing Regina’s party trick – her aquamarine shock box is. Its very fun  to have a room of people all hold hands and react to the juicing. A++


Regina, Eva from AirBnB Aus, Mike Tomasic and his bartender buddy.

Mr Moustache was a lot of fun. The excitement of drinking mezcal, the crack like mango eats, the great food selection and of course, what is an impressive list of cocktails on their menu utilising all manners of Mexican Liquor – as someone said to us “Agave is made from the sun” because that’s apparently what cactus is.  Praise the sun. Award winning mixologist and a thriller of nightcap; you’d want to check out Mr Moustache. Its a great little bar that serves up the right stuff.




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