To preface this review: Momofuku Ssam bar and the dinner I had in there with my mate Julia is one I look back upon quite fondly and I was always rather excited that David Chang was going to open up a resto in Sydney, then Seibo happened and well, its price bracket makes it hard for anyone to come dine with… I had a friend visit and we wanted to try a degust but the reservation system + time meant we had to miss out on the degust. Bar Meal? No reservations? I was informed we can walk up and dine. 20+ minute wait time this time – showed up quite happily and excited. This dinner happened after a great evening out at Billmurrathon/YoungHenrys.


seiobo is dimly lit and moody


This is where we sat, the bar area has 5 seats and the dark marble catches the LED strips from the wine cases


So this is the Seiobo bar meal review. You get 7 items. and that’s all you can order. We ordered one of everything (2 of the crab rolls+pork buns). You flip the page and write the number of each dish you wanted to order.


This came first, sriracha.


Confited Chicken wings. They were okay eating. Not too exciting to eat and enjoyed the wings from Tracks Sports and Social a lot more. A whole lot more.


Roasted rice cake – Okay with a good crunch and then soft gooey noodley insides. Not bad but we didn’t finish nor wanted to finish.


Pork buns – this was a surprise, the legendary Momofuku pork buns. I was tempted to ask the wait staff what went wrong. When I had them in new york, they were fantastic. Ate it and immediately reordered. At Seibo, Its not the portion size (although it is much smaller), it was the absence of flavour. I was flummoxed by this. After 1, didn’t really want to eat the second one.


Fried brussel sprouts – didn’t expect the 2 vego dish to be the fave for the night but they were. Complex in flavour, charred and soft with what I’d call adult flavours. Really good.


Spanner crab roll – super thin chips, beautifully mellow filling and a fantastic brioche. This was great but it is $22. That’s creeping into the cost of a main elsewhere.


Seasonal pickles- Pickled vegetables – when I had them at Ssam bar, Julia ordered it and I kind of went “pickles??” except I really enjoyed it as it was refreshingly different and whets your appetite and here, no difference. Good.


pickled egg – Its a pickled egg and its $4. It had better be biodynamic and all that jazz.

For the 2 of us and the serves we ordered, the bill came to $144  ($154 with tip) but this was a meal that truly underwhelmed. Service was great and attentive but the misses on the food made this probably one of the most disappointing meals yet. For a 3 hatted venue, this wasn’t a good dining meal. Not sure what happened to the pork buns in sydney. Still keen on trying the degust but now, my expectations are severely tempered. Again, this is the bar menu writeup.
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  1. milkteaxx

    i was here for the degustation whilst some dishes were fantastic, i thought the signature pork bun was a bit disappointing.