Zigi’s Art Wine and Cheese in Chippendale is a rather cool venue. Its got street art, and a palooza of cooking classes, as well as being a bit of a winebar/cheese destination. Very often, you’ll head upstairs and there’s an art show/exhibition happening which makes this a rather eclectic venue to check out. Both times prior to this molecular cocktail class; we came by for Art. Once was the Beams street festival (which is like a mini Vivid) and then later during Mulga+Co’s artshow. Today we’re here for a molecular cocktail class courtesy of Lime and Tonic. That’s Brian our “tutor” for an evening of molecular magic. Just hanging out, in Chippendale.

Zigi’s is unmissable! There’s a load of local street artist on display here – Mike Watts, Houl, Keomatch – and there’s a Nico inside. It’s hard to miss this.


So here’s the kit here for the class. Left to right, water bath, calcium alganate (sp) some pre-prepped cocktails ready to be processed, scales, and a “micro scale” aka drug dealer scale. And a hand blender. You don’t really need that much to make these things which was the major take away from the class.


That’s a micro gram scale, a slotted spoon, tequila, some elderberry essence and other boozy goodies in the little bottles.


One’s 5 grams of xanthagum, and the liquid is at 200gram. Its molecular so you really need to be precise. Once set up, the mix is blended.


The processed cocktail once settled (bubbles) are gone – is injected into a half measure and you release it into the alganate which cause a chemical reaction and a helix is formed around the liquid making a bubble. You drop it in and move it around with your finger so it doesn’t stick. “cooking” time in the bath is about 20 seconds


From injecting to scooping. The final bath is just water to allow the calcium alganate to be washed off. Top pic shows you can make heaps by dropping multiple into the bath

From Left: A Bloody Mary, A raspberry Mule, A mojito and a brilliantly robust tequila shot. Very pretty and all gorgeous to “eat”.


Close up of the Bloody Mary Cocktail – there’s tabasco sauce inside the tomatoey bloody mary mix and its swirling and beautiful.

What are these like to “eat”. The cocktails were super funny being very much like a just boiled egg and once you have it in you mouth, it holds it shape but once you apply pressure, it gives and all the great cocktail flavours burst forward. Awesome.


Also with the class, Zigi’s supplied some delicious israeli flatbreads with dip and greek yoghurt.


We also got some lovely fresh felafels.


This was a post course Moussaka. Nice tender eggplant with loads of beef.


Zigi’s himself and Brian from undergroundgourmet having a post class drink.


Dudes hanging out and having drinks. Being all gangsta. Trekkies? heh.

The universal reaction to the class that we had was just how easy and fun this was. We’re going to be buying a kit – it’s not that expensive and the fact that you can premake these for parties means this is a party trick we can’t wait to take onboard. Boozey, informative and fun. Check Zigi’s schedule for when this happens next. Excuse us while we head online and buy that microgram scale. Good times and molecular cocktails beckon. And oh, Zigi’s also has a few craft beers on tap – a chilli chocolate beer, a ginger beer and a green lager all brewed in St Peters. Good one brian, that was a great class.


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