Miss Peaches is located on the upper floor of the “born again” marly bar as a southern soul food kitchen and it is now a rather fancy dining hall with great southern food and a very appealing fitout that is reminiscent of the work done on the newtown hotels outdoor area and also el loco.



quite a generous dining hall – its quite spacious and there are booths which makes it great for group dining. You easily sit 6-8 in a booth. There’s also outdoor dining on the balcony so you can look out onto kingstreet/missenden.. The polished concrete/floorboard hodgepodge look and exposed rafters/services is quite nice.


The Miss Peaches Bar.


Lemonade mural on the wall. The joint is nicely fitted out looking fresh and festive.



Menu at a glance. Quite affordable. Our tab was $56 but it was worth it. Here’s the staff working away.


Tab was $56 and our number was…. 56 Here, they give you a mini vinyl with a number on it.



Prawn Gumbo tonight. $18 They served the gumbo in a shallow dish but the gumbo had great spice and kick and nuggets of prawns in it. Flavourful, we mopped it up with the biscuits and tattertots. The serve could have been just a bit tad more for the price. On gumbo night (every wednesday) , its $10 which is almost half price so I might be checking in then. There’ll also be 3 varieties then.



Tatertots. $8 Deepfried potato nuggets with a yummy spiced maple bacon ketchup dipping sauce. Deep fried potato nuggets. Hot and good.



Biscuits and Gravy $7. Nice firm biscuit with lashings of gravy. Went well with the gumbo.




Blackened Fish $15. This was great. grilled fish coated with a spice mix that meant it had a suprising amount of kick. The fish was flavoursome and went well with the cornbread.




PoBoy Slider $8 – its a little on the small side. 2x crumbed Deep fried shrimp in a bread roll with salad. This was a bit of a miss. Seemed to lack seasoning.


Well, overall impression was that this was a nice addition to King Street that isn’t froyo/thai/mexican. That alone makes it worth visiting. The fact that the food was quite good, and different; the venue had a great vibe and the music they played made it feel really atmospheric like a good bar should be and fun to be in. ItsĀ  also has good light levels (*ahem mary’s) which meant you could see your dinner and enjoy it. Didn’t eat dessert as usual but a friend had pumpkin pie the same night I was in there. We didn’t try everything but I’ll definitely be back for more.

Nice friendly staff were super hospitable which helps. Mate and I walked out and he was quite happy that we decided to drop in.

How is this rating sub 50%? Check out Miss Peaches. Worth visiting.
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