Located at the North End  of Potts Point at 155 Victoria Street Potts Point lies Merivale’s Ms G’s led and shaped by the increasingly high profile Dan Hong.Its quite nice looking with a fancy mottled yellow facade and bits of neon (signage)

We sat near the end table near the bay window; with a view out to the city. There was a short initial waiting period in the upstairs  area a bit – wasn’t too busy when we got there so we were seated very promptly.


That said, we had the buns (alright) the sanchaiBOW which was decent enough to eat. The pork was fatty being pork belly and the savoury ginger accompaniment went well with.

the noodle dish which for a $26+ dish had a serving so scant, that that was when I realised nope, this is all wrong, and this place wasn’t for me. For that price, you can go to a mid tier asian restaurant and get a pretty good dish cooked well. and the value prosition of MissG’s food went out the window.The noodle was decent enough but that’s not something you charge a main price for. Other places you’d get good protein; a fish or piece of other protein. Very disappointing. The main problem here was that it wasn’t a great dish. It was okay. Like something you could throw together yourself on the weekend if you wanted to rather easily.


Then the rice cake dish arrive. Pleasant enough. Rice cake bits were chewy/ al dente, the various bits of pork/prawns/flava beans in there were flavourful but not mindblowingly great.  smallish server.


And finally we wrapped up with the stoners delight which had a great name, looked promising on the website but just wasn’t that great. This was something everyone I knew who went to the website and went “wow that looks amazing”. well, that wirey ball thing at the back; with a bit of banana in it; wasn’t special except really sugary. Mars bar chocolatey bits weren’t even as good as say a nestle crunch.

So yeah, I was disappointed with the promise of great food to get dishes that quite honestly, I do think they should only charge 3/4 as much for. Was an underwhelming experience. In summary. Nice venue, Food portions small. Expensive and not great. I’d recommend eating elsewhere and coming here for drinks. That’s probably make the Ms G’s experience a lot better because we didn’t mind the venue while we were waiting for the tables; and had drinks.

Comparatively; if you want to talk about asian fusion; when I went to ssam bar in NYC (momofuku’s). The pork buns were amazing. The mackeral sandwich was amazing. Their pickle dish was amazing. And the other thing I can’t quite recall with also superlative. That was asian fusion done right. Ms G’s does not measure up.
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