how to be rude, trade on racist stereotypes and do big business. That’s what I think when I think Miss Chu’s. Used to go to her hole in the wall up near the cross and the woman is a canterkerous rude individual (when asking quite politely for a wine opener); MissChu angrily “You people COME HERE AND EAT CHEAP FOOD AND YOU WANT ME to SUPPLY WINE OPENER”. When a “we don’t have one sorry”  would have sufficed. A dressing down in front of your other patrons? “You people?” Please. We went across the road instead to use the thai restaurant’s and they were more than happy to oblige. Also, her food really isn’t cheap. Its affordable. The portions on the dumplings aren’t big and you can easily rack up a bill. That said it is decent enough, so I do go back. So it’s probably better she has a lot of shops so she’s not there.  If Luke Nyugen, opens a chainstore Vietnamese place, I’d go to that instead.


you ling we bling? racist.but I guess if its funny its okay


salmon vermicilli dish. quite good. $13. good sized chunks of salmon, well cooked, noodles once mixed up with the sauce and salmon broken down is good to eat. Its made fresh so it tastes really good.

prawn scallop dumplings. Decent dumplings.$8

Tuna Rice Paper Rolls. These are good. $13 or $15 for 2. Lots of fresh herbs/basil, tuna. Light and clean on the palate.

The last time I was at misschu Regents (about 4 days ago) – was tucking into my meal when the people adjoining left. MissChu staff cleaner comes by; sprays the area with way too much windexy cleaner creating a nauseauting miasma of chemical smells that over powers the smell of my food.  Yuck. Not impressed.


went there when they opened. These were the old chairs that they later replaced.


Decent enough feed but it’ll run to the $20-25 easily. Noodle + dumpling + a drink. Not exactly cheap, miss chu.


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Miss Chu hole in the wall. That’s probably the one that’d Id go to instead of her chainstore ones. It has some personality unlike the updated “for your convienience” foodhall shops.You’ll be sitting on milkcrates and there’d be limited seating but hey, that’s what is cool about the OG store


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Miss Chu bondi. Didn’t eat much there. Had a pork bun but that was it. But the rum/coconut drink cocktail – bad fusion -too much mint, was kind of gross.


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Miss Chu’s @ OperaHouse. We went there for drinks and ordered some food there once. It wasn’t good at all but as I understand its like a franchisee. This stuff really needs to be freshly made. I’d avoid buying food from this particular miss Chu’s.