It amuses jugs that on the same street that houses the Martian Embassy, is MilkbarPizza, Josh Nicholls (he of MilkbarbycafeIsh fame – or is that infamy?) has opened this space invaders themed pizzeria. Space the final frontier; housed along redfern street. What I think the street needs next then is Dennis Beer co’s galatic beers and the mission is complete.


Beware the Invasion. That’s Josh sitting there. And Josh walking in. Tolix chairs are all the rage.


Back lit sign. Its 80s arcade cool.


Salads, sides featuring, ribs, hotwings, dessert pizzas, serendipity icecream at $4 per scoop, garlic bread and pasta bakes.

The menu, is 11″ pizzas. For $12. And they don’t, that’s right, don’t charge for Gluten Free base. Run don’t walk here, hipster GF singles. This is your date night local and wipe that cheesy grin off your face.


Front counter and a look into the kitchen.

MilkbarPizza is smartly designed. Its a 8 seater affair. Intimate with snazzy hipster lights and black shiny surfaces.


Chilli Dog pizza. Great eating hot dog dish represented as a pizza pie.


Banana Bacon Maple Dessert Pizza. Devoured it.


Lamb Ribs. Beta Menu. Its $10 now but will go up to about $11.50. Balsamic, umeshu and mustard greens


Diablos. Featuring kimchi, volcano sauce, jalapeno, pickled chillim, njdjua sauce. Spicy best seller. and its amazing


Vego ‘Meat Lovers’ – Vegan bolognaise, vegan chilli sausage, pretend chicken, not bacon and notzerella. This is VEGAN. “Meats” Sourced from Suzy Spoons.


Josh in his schmick new pizza place.

As MilkbarPizza is teething, (no phone or eftpos yet – but soon), their menu is also growing. Nachos are scheduled to land. Josh is also planning his infamous CafeISH crab omelette but on a pizza. I can imagine having to beat off the foodies once that arrives on the menu.

Also, not on the menu surprises borrowing somewhat from In+Out burgers is their pizza oven toasted jam donuts which will have caramelised outsides and goey hot jam. At $12, the pizzas are priced just right for a cheap night out. Jugs was impressed with the suzyspoon sausages in play and when are we ever impressed with non meat meats? It was a delicious eat. We also devoured the 3 other pizzas we ate – chilli dog, diablos and that banana bacon pizza.

We were busting when done. Why would you order from across the road when you can come here and get a real winner of an eat. D’s should be afraid. Beam yourself down t0 152 redfern St. Redfern.




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6 Responses

    • TheJugernaut

      Pizzas are amazing. Pipping hot outta the kitchen, good dough and interesting toppings.

  1. missklicious

    Some great looking toppings!Interested to see what the soft shell crab omelette version of the pizza would look like.

    • TheJugernaut

      they look good and it tastes better :) we’re headed back soon. heheh.