Close to 2.5 years ago, we had a look in at Milk Bar by Cafe Ish (Review here) It’s a worth a look to see how things have changed; curiously even the same drink we had is now a different coloured drink altogether which is a head scratcher. The chuck norris went from a white drink with swirls of pineapple to a green coloured milkshake (still delicious though). The venue is also a lot more interesting to look at now with that “artwall” which was previously mentioned – now a colourful almost sexy mural round the back. Milk bar 2015 is quite the different beast. Josh announced that they’ve got new buns (who can resist?) and a new menu so we pop in for a visit

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (12)Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (10)Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (13)Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (9)

There’s no shortage of colour and that new mural really adds some much needed pizzazz to the space. Large chalkboard wall round the front also helps to change up the venue from before where it was blank walls before.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (7) Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (6)

A look at their new menu. Burgers and Milkshakes take centerstage and now they’re also running a weekly instagram comp to win their $17.50 Cheeseburger combo. All that if you got to do is use hashtag #winmilkbarcafeish when you dine here. Josh means business. 52 combos to win a year. Good odds.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (5) Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (4) Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (3) Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (2)

Double Baconator $11.50+6 $17.50. The normal baconater is 120grams of beef and pork patty and this double has 240grams of patty with bacon bits, wrapped in Canadian Maple Bacon, American Jack Cheddar, Bacon Jam and Red Onion. Its a real heart stopped of a burger on their new milk buns which incidentally are great. Large, juicy, cooked medium. Really delicious but you want to hit the treadmill to burn them calories.

Cheese burger $7.50 (from their meal deal so $17.50 nets you a milkshake, fries and that cheeseburger). It looked small but appearances are deceiving and finishing everything from that combo with the delicious twice cooked fries put us on the edge of having eaten just that bit too much. Its a good feed. Delicious fried eats in both the fries and Onion Rings.

Quite interestingly, the burger menu is now broken into staples (on the left of the menu), Middle gives you options to double up/glutenfreebun/morecheese/MapleBacon while the right hand column lets you jazz up your burger with toppings like The works – literally the works on top of your burger, or if you fancy, a Pulled Off (which adds pulled pork, guacamole, tomato salsa, doritos and sour cream) to your burger.

Click here for both menu pics in High Resolution.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (1)

2015’s version of ChuckNorris is a green drink – Vanilla ice cream, housemade green lime syrup, coconut macaroon icecream and vanilla braised pineapple. Its delicious and possibly too easy to drink as it was almost all gone before the burger arrived.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish Redfern (11)

Fancy Organic Cola too.

Sydney’s burger race doesn’t look like its going to cool down anytime soon. We really enjoyed the retooled burgers at Cafe Ish now that they’ve replaced their buns with these new milkbuns that do a great job at holding in the juicy bits. Their milkshakes are still great and on top of that, the sides are also awesome. The burgers are better at Cafe Ish. Also, the brunch menu is still there but only on the weekends.

Milk Bar Cafe Ish

105 Regent St Redfern, NSW 2016

Click here for both menu pics in High Resolution.

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Milk Bar also has a pizzeria round the corner on Redfern Street. Check it out.

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