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Located a bit off the beaten track and housed right under a newly built development block in Mascot is the Mezzatrain Lebanese Restaurant. The conceit is simple: think Sushi Train x Mezza eats and you’re there. It’s an idea that easily familiar to most diner and like a sushi train; the pricing is based around the color of your plates. There’s 2 parts to the venue: there’s a more formalised restaurant part to the one side with conventional dining tables and then there’s the large food conveyor belt where your food goes round and round. And its the mezzatrain that really makes the venue.
On our visit, We arrived to an empty Mezza Train as its doors just opened and we wondered “this odd little spot here; who’ll come?” – as it turns out from a wander round the venue; all available tables were reserved and when the clock hits about 7pm – mezzatrain is full of families and date night guests. There’s an undercurrent of lebanese food lovers who know.
On the Mezza train going round and round,  you’ll spot hummus, baba ganoush, dolmades and a bonanza of Lebanese mezza eats as they make their way round the train. Also available meats, shawarma and dessert options – Knafeh.


MezzaTrain Mascot Jugernauts (6)

Mezza Train as seen from the Restaurant side with its more conventional seating.

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flatbreads to start – we love the crispy fried ones and these went really well with the dips we got into.

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Mezzas on the train.

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Wara Anib (dolamades) vine leaves – we dined with lebanese and arab friends this one and they reckoned it was homemade and legit.

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Kaftas – tender and tasty

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Sumbousik with soft delicate pastry and the meat was well seasonsed and tasty.

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Fattoush – fried and fresh lebanese bread salads.

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Knafeh. Mezza train style. Its a bit denser compared to the populist knafeh everyone knows.


Mezza Train Mascot

111 High Street Mascot